Dog Days Are Over


The dog days of summer have long been over and as the fashion calendar officially calls for some change-of-the-season wardrobe reinvention, it is time to look at key pieces to get us through the colder months ahead.

For men, easily, change-of-the-season menswear may simply mean hoodies, varsity jackets, or who-knows-what they could grab from their closets as protection them when the air turns nippy. This season, we are seeing a number of fall fashion trends hitting stores—some of which we are surprised to see making its rounds in Philippine setting (from quilted jackets to fur and shearling collars). But we are happy to see some timeless style staples get a more adventurous upgrade.

For the first offering of Rank, we bring you fashion suggestions to amp up your wardrobe for the cooler climate.

Wool overcoat, Zara. White button-down shirt, Regiment Store. Denim pants, Penshoppe. Blazer with leather detail, Don Sevilla.

Wool and cashmere overcoats
Overcoats are a classic go-to when the chilly weather comes in. You can never go wrong when you turn to a wool and cashmere overcoat to spruce up your work attire. A neutral palette of black, gray, navy blue or camel will allow you to wear this with any suit.

Turtlenecks and classic suits
We’ve witnessed the comeback of turtlenecks in seasons past and we can only expect to see this resuscitated classic worn in different variations this season. Blazers, on the other hand, are not leaving anytime soon. But the classic suit is getting major upgrades with new silhouettes, cuts, patterns, and fabric. We can also see this timeless piece worn in not-so-conventional ways—mixed with bolder patterns, and paired with more casual pieces like tees and even sneakers.

Denim redux
The classic denim jacket jumps in and out of fashion trends but it is a reliable look that anyone can easily pull-off. Recently, we have variations of the denim jacket in terms of different hues, sizes, and proportions. Choosing this, of course, makes for a relaxed look that is timeless and just right even if the weather turns chilly.

Statement tees and oversized windbreakers
Statement shirts may not necessarily be called a trend as we have seen them on and off the fashion racks through the years, Call it a reflection of modern society that we are bound to see more and more brands making their voices heard on clothing. This, paired with the classic sports jacket is a relaxed look that you can easily wear on your back.

Model: Sam Ajdani
Photography: Advan Ramirez
Styling: Leo Balante
Styling Assistant: Calvin
Grooming: Jinx Aggabao

(Leo Balante is a writer, stylist, and creative director by profession. He loves talking about Philippine pop culture and style. He believes fashion should be fun and inclusive—never intimidating as it has been made so by the select few.)


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