• ‘Dog food king’ also a smuggler


    We are verifying information reaching us about the alleged involvement of a businessman in smuggling, buying and selling of luxury sports cars, as well as evading sales and income taxes.

    This trader, who reportedly prides himself as the “Dog Food King,” is an avid exotic car collector who maintains an SLS black series, Ferrari 458, Orange Lamborghini huracan, Black Porsche Turbo, Mercedes CLS AMG, BMW cars, among others.

    He is supposed to be the buyer of the White Mercedes G63 recently seized at Batangas Port by Bureau of Customs (BOC) agents.

    At least 14 luxury cars were seized at Batangas Port by the team of BOC Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence Ariel Nepomuceno.

    The importer evaded paying of over P50 million in taxes and dues by misdeclaring the correct worth of the cars, including 2015 McLaren, Ferrari, Meecedes Benz, Land Rover Toyota Land Cruiser shipped from Dubai, Japan and Hong Kong.

    Just last month, the “Dog Food King” bought in cold cash from this importer an SLS black series that is now parked in his big house in Loyola Grand Villas, where he parks his fleet of ultra-high luxury cars.

    To avoid detection, the cars are registered under his relatives’ names, same as his vast pieces of property.

    The “Dog Food King” also smuggles and under-declares his dog food importation by telling his supplier in the US to under-value the goods to get a lower tax and pays the supplier directly the full amount via wire transfer from his bank, safely covered by bank secrecy. His bank accounts wire transfers match his undervalued goods.

    He does not sell to groceries stores and malls because they file taxes. Instead he sells his products, including brand names, at pet shops all over the country. His warehouse is in Manggahan, Pasig City.

    His annual sales were in the hundreds of millions for the past years but his declared income tax is zero.

    We are, therefore, calling the attention of authorities regarding the activities of this so-called “Dog Food King.”

    Paging Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina and Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares!

    Homicidal maniac bus driver was on drugs
    We were not mistaken when we suspected that the homicidal maniac driver who crashed Valisno bus last week on Quirino Highway, Quezon City, was under the influence of “shabu.”

    Unfortunately, Valisno Express bus driver George Pacis was not among the four people who perished when he rammed the bus into the steel post of a marker arch at the boundary of Quezon City and Caloocan City last Wednesday morning.

    He literally escaped unscathed while some 30 others were uninjured.

    Talagang matagal mamatay ang masamang damo!

    In addition to charges for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (Republic Act 9165), Pacis and his operators deserve the stiffest penalties under the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013 or RA 10586.

    Sec. 3, Rule VI of the RA 10586 states, “The owner and/or operator of the motor vehicle driven by the offender shall be directly and principally held liable together with the offender for the fine and the award against the offender for civil damages unless he/she is able to convincingly prove that he/she has exercised extraordinary diligence in the selection and supervision of his/her drivers in general and the offending driver in particular.

    This section shall principally apply to the owners and/or operators of public utility vehicles and commercial vehicles such as delivery vans, cargo trucks, container trucks, school and company buses, hotel transports, cars or vans for rent, taxi cabs and the like.

    This Valisno Express company had been involved in two previous major road tragedies.

    Dapat gumising na rin sa pagkakatulog sa pansitan ang Land Transportation Office (LTO)!

    The LTO should conduct random terminal inspections and quick random drug tests of public utility drivers.

    The law further states that a driver of a motor vehicle who refuses to undergo quick random drug tests as required shall be penalized by the confiscation and automatic revocation of his or her driver’s license.



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    1. Felimon A. Soria on

      You have practically described the smuggler Mr. Tulfo. I wonder if the law enforcement people are reading your column. If not, then you should fax it to them so they will know.
      Have you noticed: ” Only the weak and those that lack connection on top are the ones prosecuted.

    2. Mr. Tulfo..you are rendering a report where you are not familiar with the intricacies. You cannot escape the right taxes for cars by undervaluing them…each type of car is assessed by its make and year of production, The operative word in your report is in CAHOOT with customs to under cut the duties by misdeclaration…by himself declare or undeclare the correct amount is his choice but SGS has its own valuation followed internationally. And the dog food product has a UPC..again through cahoots the duties are under cut. These are the things BOC must look into…products that are misdeclared.