Dog food-smuggling king has BoC padrinos


A well-entrenched smuggler of dog food who claims to be the Philippines’ “Dog Food King” turned out to be well-connected with high government officials, particularly at the Bureau of Customs (BoC).

So there should be little wonder that Danny A is smarting as an untouchable at the BoC premises.

Dog food magnate “Danny Astig” reportedly enjoys the backing of top officials and business moguls engaged in big-time smuggling, according to my informant.

One of his close crime partners is Lucio, the owner of a grocery store chain known for selling smuggled items.

“I often hear them talk about their illicit activities, under-declaring their imported goods,” my informant said.

Danny Astig under-declares his dog food importation by instructing his supplier in the United States to undervalue the goods resulting in lower taxes and pays the supplier directly the full amount via wire transfer from a local bank, which is safely covered by bank secrecy.

His wire transfers will match the under-valued worth of his imported goods stored in his warehouse is in Manggahan, Pasig.

“Normally he wires or pays his supplier in the US $1.1 million to $1.350 million per month, depending on how quickly the port releases his orders. He can’t over-stock because it will spoil. So once the port releases his shipment, he can reorder again. His payment reached $1.350 million in one month or almost P800 million to P900 million in annual sales,” the informant said.

Danny Astig the “Dog Food King” has also reneged from paying his income tax.

Despite his ill-gotten fortunes, he has reportedly declared only minimum wage earnings in his income tax return.

Earlier, we uncovered Danny Astig’s unholy alliance with Bobet C, a prominent member of an influential religious organization engaged in smuggling luxury vehicles and exotic cars.

The “Dog Food King” is himself an avid car collector.

His well-kept garage in Loyola Grand Villas, Quezon City will yield his fleet of ultra-high luxury cars, including an SLS black series, Ferrari 458, Orange Lamborghini huracan, Black Porsche Turbo, Mercedes CLS AMG, and BMW cars, among others.

Just last month, he bought in cold cash from this importer an SLS black series that is now parked in his big house.

To avoid detection, the cars are registered under his relatives’ names, same as his vast properties.

Danny Astig was supposed to be the buyer of the white Mercedes G63 recently seized in the Batangas port by BoC agents.

The authorities headed by the BoC intelligence commissioner Ariel Nepomuceno seized hot cars including the Mercedes G63.

Also confiscated were 2015 model McLaren, Ferrari, Land Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser from Dubai, Japan at Hong Kong.

Well, will the concerned authorities just sit on the case of Danny Astig, the Dog Food Smuggling King?

The Department of Justice should also look into the nefarious activities of “Danny A.”

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