• Dogged by graft raps, Garcia turns bankrupt


    Former Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia has turned flat broke.

    This his lawyer disclosed in a motion, which revealed that the retired controversial military comptroller “has no bank account” anymore to receive the P60,000 check due to him.

    Garcia’s lawyer Constantino de Jesus moved on behalf of his detained client for the Sandiganbayan to replace the check the court issued to Garcia.

    The check represented his bail bond, which the Sandiganbayan ordered returned to him last July.

    De Jesus asked the Sandiganbayan to issue once more a check on his name because it could not be withdrawn.

    To recall, the assets of Garcia and former Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot, both then comptrollers of the Armed Forces, were ordered frozen because of their civil cases.

    The Sandiganbayan Fourth Division ordered a bank freeze on all of Garcia’s named accounts while his ill-gotten wealth has not yet been resolved.

    The Supreme Court, however, plugged a temporary restraining order on Garcia’s related criminal case at the anti-graft court’s Second Division. His bail was eventually ordered returned to him. When de Jesus presented the court-issued LandBank check, the Sandiganbayan cashier did not entertain it because Garcia had to be present.

    De Jesus said that “the check could not be negotiated” because Garcia is locked up in the National Bilibid Prison.

    “Neither could he deposit it because accused has no bank account,” Garcia revealed in the motion.

    Considering Garcia’s frozen assets and his inability to personally take the money, de Jesus asked the court to issue another check named after him so that the bail could be withdrawn from the anti-graft court’s Trust Fund and given to Garcia.


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    1. Do you feel sorry for him, i dont, he was quick enough to steal money that his powerful position allowed him to do so now he has been caught ( & i dont think he has admitted it ) he cant expplain where that money came from. Well he can explain but he doesnt want to as it will show him as the miserable thief he is. What you shal sow so shall you reap. He can rot in hell for all i care.

    2. Repent , be baptized, and the Truth shall make you free. There is hell to pay for all those who will not believe in the Word of God. That is your only escape General. Praise God, and be thankful you got caught.

      • What you meant is religion, right? He got religion my friend. In fact he was baptized by a Christian priest in his church. How come you admonished him to baptism? Which baptism? Lagot ka ngayun sa pare na nag binyag kay general nung bata pa siya.