DOH: 2 more Zika virus cases in Iloilo


Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial has ordered more intensive mosquito control campaigns over reports of two more Zika virus cases in Iloilo City.

According to the reports from the Epidemiology Bureau of the Department of Health (DOH), the two female patients who live in the same house were positive for the Zika virus based on results of tests done at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila).

The patients showed mild skin rashes but no other symptoms unlike the first confirmed case of another pregnant woman who suffered from skin rashes, joint pains and red eyes.

All three patients, none of whom is pregnant, have since recovered, did not require hospitalization and were told to stay at home.

They refused to give their names for security reasons.

Their cases will be monitored for one month to enable the DOH to determine the extent of local transmission of the Zika virus in the country.

About 88 households around and near the residences of the three patients have been visited by local DOH personnel.

According to Ubial, most of the water containers found by the personnel were found to be mosquito breeding sites and tested positive for larvae/pupae of Aedis aegypti, the principal mosquito vector for the Zika virus.

The Health secretary has urged all local government units to implement intensive mosquito control campaigns to stop the spread of the virus.

Individuals suffering from rashes, joint pains and red eyes, Ubial said, must visit the nearest health facility to confirm if they have contracted the Zika virus.

Pregnant women and those who have potential to be pregnant are advised to see their doctors for any illness that develops around and during pregnancy.

The Zika virus causes deformed births characterized by unusually small heads.

Ubial reminded everyone to go back to the basics, participate in community clean-ups and make 4S a regular habit.

4S means Search and destroy mosquito breeding places, Self-protection measures, Seek early consultation for fever lasting more than two days and Say No to indiscriminate fogging.


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