Were all DOH deals these past four years fishy?


PRESIDENT Noynoy and his cronies shamelessly prostituted the 16th Congress into unlawfully appropriating P22.46 billion in supplemental budget to bail them out of their “commitments” in projects under the anomalous Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

These culprits could finally sleep at night with a smile on their butt faces because their DAP deals came through despite being ruled illegal by the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, several small contractors for medical supplies and medicines of the Department of Health (DOH) have disclosed their grievance about unpaid deliveries to DOH hospitals and facilities.

Reports have it that the new DOH management under acting secretary Dr. Janette L. Garin refused to fulfill the health department’s obligations, amounting to over P100 million, in the wake of the controversy involving resigned DOH Sec. Enrique Ona and Asec. Eric Tayag.

The contractors, numbering over a dozen, maintained that their transactions all underwent the proper procurement process, in adherence to government rules and regulations.

If any of these contractor firms have not been implicated one way or another in any of Sec. Ona’s questionable programs and projects, which the Aquino administration has flaunted these past four years, why would the DOH now renege on its financial obligations?

The end result of Garin’s order to hold the payments to the contractors since November was a bleak Christmas for their families and employees

Salaries and bonuses of those people employed by these unpaid contractors and suppliers have not been paid for three months now.

If PNoy and his new handpicked secretary would declare all Ona and Tayag’s deals during the past four years questionable and anomalous, then PNoy is as liable as these resigned officials were PNoy poster boys.

Patay tayo dyan, Noy
Weren’t Ona and his “dancing Asec” Tayag fixtures in PNoy’s PR and photo ops?

You see, PNoy has had this propensity to take with him Gloria Arroyo’s protégés, as well as balimbings, and then they screw each other.

Garin, who has been groomed to replace Ona since the latter fell out of grace, must now prove her managerial skills and one of the ways of doing that is have the agency settle its financial obligations.

PNoy’s new wonder girl, who was appointed DOH undersecretary last year, was reportedly pirated from an opposition party.

We hope PNoy picked Garin for her capability to steer DOH to salvation and not to its demise.

Well, she made quite an impression of courage before when she escorted Armed Forces chief Gregorio Catapang to do a cameo on Caballo Island with the 133 troops, “quarantined” for possible Ebola infection without any protective gear, which was a dumb move.

Now we see what kind of manager Garin would make.

Alcala remains under PNoy’s wings
In contrast to Ona’s fate, PNoy’s wonder boy Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alacala has weathered so many cases, controversies and scandals involving him and his department.

While a number of PNoy’s wonder boys and girls have quit at or got eased out of the Cabinet, we may yet see Alcala hang in there at DA till PNoy’s lame duck days are over.

Of late, Alcala is being implicated in graft and other cases filed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) before the Office of the Ombudsman against 119 public and private individuals, including three Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) officials, closely identified with Alcala.

Named in the NBI complaint were Leah Cruz, known as the “Garlic Queen,” former BPI Director Clarito Barron, a close associate of Alcala; Merle Bautista Palacpac, officer-in-charge (OIC) of the plant quarantine service; and Luben Quijano Marasigan, former chief of the plant quarantine.

Cruz is also facing charges for direct bribery, and price manipulation, as her group is known as the “Garlic Cartel.”

From 2010 to 2014, 3,652 import permits were issued by Barron, of which 2,469 were issued to the Vegetables Importers Exporters and Vendors Associations (VIEVA) headed by Leah Cruz, who is believed to be personally linked to him.

Divisoria retailers have said that they get their garlic supply from Cruz, who set the prices which increased from P80 per kilo to P300.

Whistleblower Lilibeth Valenzuela said Barron told her that to secure her application for import permit, she must have “connections with Secretary Alcala.”

Until early last year, Alcala was being considered Sec. Mar Roxas’ running-mate for vice-president PNoy’s Liberal Party (LP) as standard bearers, according to my sources.



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  1. Vicente Penetrante on

    PNoy continues to defend his KKK. His critics continue to find fault in his KKK, After a year na lang ang demanda, if anyone will still care. At ‘di matabunan ng eleksyon!