DOH launches shame campaign


    Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial on Tuesday warned that her department will disclose to the public a list of local government units (LGUs) that allowed the irresponsible use of firecrackers during the holidays.

    The Department of Health yesterday launched a “shame campaign” to compel LGUs that refused to support the government’s campaign against the use of dangerous and powerful firecrackers.

    The monitoring of firecracker-related injuries and accidents started on Monday, December 5.

    “We will show you the statistics of the LGUs who did not help in our campaign,” Ubial warned, adding that the list of LGUs with the most number of injuries will be bared on January 5.

    This is part of the department’s initiative to minimize casualties during the celebration of Christmas and welcoming of the new year.

    The DOH enlisted as its partners in the campaign the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), LGUs, and the Ecowaste Coalition.

    The government has urged LGUs to designate an area for firecrackers and fireworks display to avoid injuries.

    “We should regulate the use of fireworks and firecrackers in our community,” Ubial said.

    The issuance of an executive order (EO) that will ban firecrackers was put on hold to allow government officials to discuss its impact on the fireworks industry.

    Last year, the DOH listed at least 932 people who suffered from fireworks-related injuries, up by eight percent of the 880 injuries reported in 2014.

    Most of the injuries were caused by piccolo.

    Forty percent of the injured were children.


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