DOH raises alert on summer illnesses


ILOILO CITY: The Department of Health raised a nationwide alert on the emergence of “6 illnesses of summer” (6S) as the weather temperature continues to rise. In Iloilo City and the rest of the Panay Island provinces, the temperature rose to 36° and above as the El Niño phenomenon continues to wreak havoc on crops, livestock and the population. DOH regional director Marlyn Convocar said the 6S – diarrhea and vomiting, sore eyes or conjunctivitis, sunburn, skin diseases, cough and colds, and rabies – are common ailments the Ilonggos must watch out for in the next two-to-three months. She also said that many people heading to the beach or swimming pool may accidentally drink water that is infected with the e.coli bacteria, thus, causing nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Poorly chlorinated swimming pools may also cause sore eyes or conjunctivitis when the virus enters through the eyes. DOH also warned against dog bites as dogs become irritable due to the heat.


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