• DOJ chief: Duterte liable for murder


    JUSTICE Secretary Leila de Lima on Monday said murder charges can be filed against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for admitting his links to the Davao Death Squad (DDS) believed to be behind extrajudicial killings in the city.

    “Killing is killing, and therefore if he admitted that he is responsible for these killings, then he must be criminally liable,” de Lima said.

    The DOJ chief said Duterte’s admission that he has links with the death squads is disturbing because it gives the impression that the Philippines tolerates extra judicial killings.

    “Those statements of his at the very least are annoying and definitely disturbing. I mean, what kind of statements are those—a public servant, one who is very popular and idolized by many, making those statements?” de Lima told reporters.

    “If we would agree with such views, international organizations like Human Rights Watch will mock us. Some of us are happy and they idolize Mayor Duterte. But is that right? It’s not right,” she added.

    The Justice chief said she has tapped the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to probe the DDS.

    The NBI earlier conducted an investigation on a death squad in Tagum City in Davao del Norte and filed charges against former Mayor Rey Uy and 28 others for multiple murder in March. The Tagum Death Squad was behind the extrajudicial killings of at least 82 persons from 2008 to 2012.

    De Lima said they have a witness who disclosed the operation of the DDS.

    “This witness pertaining to the Davao Death Squad has been under WPP (witness protection program),” she said.

    De Lima said the people should not idolize Duterte especially after the mayor threatened that the number of criminals who will be executed by death squads will increase if he is elected president.

    “If I become president you better hide. The 1,000 (people killed) will become 50,000. I will kill you all for making the life of the Filipino miserable,” Duterte said in a televised interview.

    But de Lima said the people should not be “titillated” by the mayor’s statements.

    “It’s not right. It’s doubly disturbing for society to accept that mindset,” she said.


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    1. For everyone including me, RESULTS MATTER over “complicated and idealistic” plans that remain what they are–fictional fantasies

      Human rights????? All the human rights people have done is to defend the criminals from being punished befitting their crimes, they don’t give a rat’s behind about the victims of those crimes, as I look at it, these “human rights” are all about the vanity of going against popular opinion and prove that they can expertly maneuver the legal system and have a very obvious murderer or rapist that was caught red handed or is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt to go out into society and kill or rape again, it’s sickening and disturbing

      So if Delima would rather kowtow to these “vain human rights scum” than see a peaceful Philippines then I say down with her

      Also, do you think these human rights advocates will stand by their ideology when feces hits their fan and they experience the pain that the victims of the crimes happen to them? They’ll be out no EDSA and MEndiola all day shouting in the streets “ibalik ang death penalty!!!”

    2. The fact that a lot of people are praising Duterte for his statements is proof of how dissatisfied they are with our current justice system. People like Ms. de Lima keep making idealistic statements about “due process” in the eyes of the law and that Duterte’s way should be frowned upon. What do you propose we do then? Because criminals, especially the rich ones, merely mock our laws, Public opinion is already pointing to the fact that what you’re currently doing isn’t enough.

      When undeniable proof is present and when the criminal is caught in the act, the next step should be the infliction of punishment and not a prolonged trial.

    3. The more bonoynoy government attack Duterte, the more I believe Duterte will run for president. Mr. Duterte enjoys being challenge, specially the challenge to cleanse the nation of criminals raoming our streets and the most deadly criminals sitting in almost all goverment institutions. GIVE US A BREAK! GIVE US A DUTERTE!

    4. de lima should speed up prosecution of grafters like Napoles, Revilla, Estrada, Enrile and the others, than harassing Duterte. He should be commended for making Davao very safe. the hell with human rights. criminals should not be allowed human rights.

    5. armando flores on

      if duterte will kill all the members of the liberal party headed by aquino, his cabinet and supporters in congress, I will vote for him.

    6. For once i agree with De Lima! Duterte’s proclamations, whether true or not, are indeed very disturbing! It seems he does not follow the rule of law.. no due process!?

    7. Kaya ayaw ni Duterte sabihin kung ano talaga plano niya sa 2016 baka isabotahe siya ng LP or Lolong Party!

    8. Maaring magaspas kung magsalita si duterte at mali sa mga taong makadios kuno!,Pero nakikita mo sa kanila ang pagbabaliwa sa mga kasamaan ng ka partido nila at walang ginagawa para masawata ang mga kriminal at mga druglord na pumipeste sa bayan!at nagiging kasangkapan pa para gipitin ang mga kalaban!ito ang mala tupa kung kumilos pero lobo ang nasa kalooban!
      Pipiliin ng tao ang nagpapatupad ng batas para maging mapayapa ang lahat! Kaysa sa taong puro dada at ambisyon lang ang una!