DOJ finds probable cause to indict Pastor, De Guzman for int’l car racer’s killing


The Department of Justice (DOJ) has found probable cause to indict Domingo De Guzman and Dahlia Pastor before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) for the killing of international car racer Enzo Pastor on June 12, 2014.

In a 13-page DOJ resolution released on Thursday, Assistant State Prosecutor Susan Villanueva found sufficient evidence to indict Dahlia, Enzo’s wife, and De Guzman for parricide and for murder, respectively.

Villanueva’s findings were affirmed by Senior Deputy State Prosecutor Richard Anthony Fadullon and Prosecutor General Claro A. Arellano.

“[I]t is respectfully recommended that the attached informations for violation of Article 246 (Parricide) and Article (248 (Murder) of the Revised Penal Code be filed against respondents Dahlia Guerrero Pastor and Domingo De Guzman III y Villaruel, respectively. The complaint for violation of Article 250 (Frustrated Murder) of the Revised Penal Code is hereby respectfully dismissed, without prejudice, for insufficiency of evidence,” the resolution said.

In a separate resolution earlier issued by the DOJ on the criminal complaint against alleged gunman PO2 Edgar Angel, it recommended Angel’s indictment for Pastor’s killing despite his recantation, however, it dismissed the case against him for frustrated murder for the injuries sustained by Pastor’s assistant, Paolo Salazar, who was with Pastor at the time of the shooting in Quezon City on June 12, 2014.

In its resolution, the DOJ noted that the complaint failed to attach Salazar’s medical records regarding his injuries.

Since the dismissal of the complaint for frustrated murder is “without prejudice,” it may be refiled.

De Guzman and Dahlia Pastor were suspected to be the masterminds of the killing.

The criminal complaint alleged that De Guzman and his supposed lover, Dahlia masterminded Enzo’s killing after the latter found about their alleged affair.

In his extra-judicial confession, Angel claimed he was paid the amount of Php100,000 to kill Enzo.

Dahlia Pastor was a “no-show” during the DOJ’s preliminary investigation.

The Pastor camp said that she has not surfaced ever since her name was dragged in the killing. PNA


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