• DOJ junks raps vs INC


    The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dismissed the two complaints filed against Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) officials for lack of probable cause.

    In two separate resolutions promulgated on November 13, 2015, the department junked
    the complaints lodged by ex-minister Isaias Samson and Jose Norlito Fruto.

    The resolution was signed and approved by Prosecutor General Claro Arellano.

    In dismissing Samson’s complaint, the DOJ said Isaias failed to present proof that INC officials coerced him to admit that he was behind the writing of a blog critical of the religious group.

    The department added that Samson “failed to offer an iota of evidence” on the alleged confiscation of his passport, service vehicle, laptop, cellphone and other personal effects.

    “There is nothing in the recitation of facts made by complainant which show that respondents resorted to threat, violence and intimidation when the said articles were taken allegedly upon orders of the Sanggunian,” it said.

    “The element of force, threat and intimidation” was also “wanting” in relation to Samson’s complaint for the supposed forcible entry into his residence. The resolution noted that Samson and his family members were not present at the time of the alleged forcible entry.

    Charges of illegal detention and restraint on their liberty were found not to have been “coupled with threat, violence and intimidation,” with the DOJ repeatedly stressing that “there is no evidence” of physical harm or any form of intimidation against Samson or members of his family.

    The DOJ addressed Fruto’s complaint in a similar manner, stressing there was no probable cause for illegal arrest, arbitrary detention and violation of abode.

    Fruto’s charges of robbery were dismissed because he was not even in his house when the alleged robbery was committed.


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    1. From the very beginning, INC have been saying that these cases filed against it’s leadership were all just part of a ploy by some groups who have carefully planned all of these to sow disunity within the church. Sinakyan lang ng ilang irresponsible journalists and inborn INC haters ang issue thinking that this will be their chance to take down a successful all original made-in-the-Philippines church which proves na existing pa rin ang talangka mentality sa Pinoy society.