DOJ panel to probe SAF ‘killers’


A panel of prosecutors will investigate the complaint filed against commanders and members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and other Muslim fighters who mowed down dozens of police commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao early this year.

The panel composed of five prosecutors from the Department of Justice (DOJ) will conduct a preliminary investigation on the complaint filed by a fact-finding team in September. The panel is headed by Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Rosanne Balauag with Assistant State Prosecutors Aldrin Evangelista, Benito Oliver Sales 3rd, Rassendell Rex Gingoyon and Alexander Suarez as members.

Criminal charges were filed by the DOJ against 90 commanders and members of the MILF, Bangsa¬moro Islamic Freedom Fighters and private armed groups tagged in the killing of 35 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Ba¬rangay Tukanalipao, Mamasa-pano in January. The fierce clashes killed 44 SAF members.

The respondents, whose names were withheld, are also facing charges of theft of government property for taking the firearms, ammunition, communications and navigational equipment, personal protective gear, uniforms, combat boots and the personal effects of the members of 55th Special Action Company.

The testimonies of one of the witnesses in the incident whom they identified as “Marathon,” were given much weight by the investigating team.

Three to four video footages of the incident that went viral in social media served as corroborating evidence.


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  1. Panel after panel for years to come! Those dogs need to be hunted and brought to justice dead or alive! There’s no ifs or buts dahil pinatay nila ang mga sundalo and executed those who were in the brink of their lives. And yet we give them justice when they hide behind the red tapes of justice. Phil. Rangers need to come in play and get rid of those undesirables for they have no right above ground but need to be below the ground. Napakaliit lang ng Phil. tapos di natin mahanap ang mga iyan dahil maraming protocol that’s being over ruled by some ignant official. There’s no glory here but closure to the family and Phil. Asan ang mga Katipunero upang mag bigay ng kalayaan sa Pilipinas.