DOJ prosecutor collared over extortion attempt


A Department of Justice (DOJ) State prosecutor was snared demanding money in exchange for the grant of a Petition for Review that was assigned to him for resolution, and the consequent dismissal of the charges filed against erring members of the Philippine Airlines Employees Association.

Prosecutor General Claro Arellano said the arrest made by the National Bureau of Investigation against Assistant State Prosecutor Diosdado Solidum Jr. should serve as a warning against erring fiscals in the country.

He said that there were series of reports against Solidum mulcting money concerning his participation in illegal activities.

But none of the complainants were willing to file a complaint against him. It was only this week that a complainant bravely came forward and reported the nefarious act of extortion, pushing the DOJ towards the aforesaid entrapment operation.

He warned that all prosecutors that they would be dismissed from service if he or she is caught demanding money and/or accepting bribes in relation to a case.

Arellano has also denounced any and all forms of corruption in the national prosecution service, as this violates every known mandate of being a prosecutor and a member of the bar.

The Prosecutor General also said that any prosecutor’s collusion/cooperation with people who are willing and/or able to give bribes shall not hinder the Department’s resolve to catch the erring perpetrators of these illegal activities.

In the case of Solidum, the DOJ shall find ways and means to completely eradicate these practices, and to bring the persons responsible to justice.

Arellano stressed that there are no sacred lambs in their ranks, and that anyone who is doing such forms of activities shall suffer the same fate as that of Solidum, as well as other prosecutors who were earlier found committing deplorable acts of corruption.


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