DOJ readies admin cases vs de Lima


The Department of Justice (DOJ) wants Sen. Leila de Lima ousted from the Senate through administrative charges that it plans to file ahead of criminal cases in connection with her supposed involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd said in a news conference administrative cases could be resolved faster than criminal cases, although he claimed the ongoing investigation on the lawmaker would lead to the latter.

Criminal cases have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, while administrative proceedings require only substantial evidence.

As a general rule, twin administrative and criminal charges can be filed against government officials with the Office of the Ombudsman.

“Rulings are faster in administrative cases and she will be removed from her position,” Aguirre said.

The National Bureau of Investigation is conducting a fact-finding probe on de Lima’s role in the proliferation of illegal drugs in the national penitentiary, and the case may be forwarded with the DOJ or the Office of the Ombudsman.

GMA News showed on Monday night images of bank deposit slips for accounts allegedly used by Bilibid drug syndicates.

De Lima is also facing a Senate Ethics Committee probe, and under the 1987 Constitution, a senator can be ousted with a two-thirds Senate vote.

Aguirre claimed de Lima’s dragging of the names of other people, such as former President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino, into the drug probe was a sign of desperation.

Ex-prisons chief to testify?
Aguirre also said former Bureau of Corrections director Franklin Bucayu had sent feelers that he would cooperate with the investigation on de Lima, who was DOJ secretary under Aquino.

Bucayu may testify on October 5 in an inquiry of the House of Representatives’ justice committee.

Several gang leaders had testified before the committee that Bucayu, along with his then DOJ superior, de Lima, benefited from proceeds of illegal drug trading.

Inmate Herbert Colanggo, for instance, claimed Bucayu received P1.2 million a month in drug payoffs from him.

Aguirre said convict Jaybee Sebastian, accused by gang leaders of collecting money for de Lima, could be accepted as a state witness if he will offer vital and substantial testimony.

Sebastian may be granted immunity if he discloses the whole truth, he added.

However, even without the testimony of Sebastian, the affidavits of the other inmates are enough to pin down de Lima, Aguirre said.

‘Sexual asset’
In Malacañang on Monday, Duterte hit de Lima anew for stating that Sebastian was her “asset” against Bilibid gangs, and even insinuated that the two had sexual relations.

“What was that asset? Was it a sexual asset or a source of information? And why do you have to do it for four hours?” Duterte said.

The President said he might even show the alleged video of de Lima in bed with a man he originally thought to be her driver, Ronnie Dayan.

“Who is the man portrayed there? Was he the one in the kubol (prison cell) or the one who was driving you (de Lima)?” he asked.

Duterte claimed he lost his appetite every time he saw the video.

The President expressed confidence de Lima would be jailed. “She will really be imprisoned, that’s certain because of the testimonial evidence,” Duterte said.

De Lima again denied the supposed sex video.

She asked: “What do you see in me that you find so sexual?”

“I pity you our beloved President, please stop bothering me. What do you want from me? May gusto po ba kayo sa akin [Do you fancy me]?” she said.


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  1. President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday revealed that the Bilibid drug syndicate was behind the operations of a big shabu laboratory in Barangay Lacquios at the foot of Mt. Arayat.

    Owned by the same drug lords who gave testimonial evidence against De Lima and who are Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre’s star witnesses\informers\snitches and who Aguirre claims are truthful since he can tell if a witnesses is lying in 10 minutes.

    “I have been a litigator for 44 years, and in 10 minutes, I can tell if the witness is lying,” Aguirre said

    Maybe Aguirre should of asked the drug lords if they were still selling drugs or if they had any drug labs.

  2. I think Duterte is taking it too personal against De Lima OR he sensed that De Lima will be a threat because she’s the one who exposed Duterte’s so-called Davao Death Squad that’s why to get rid of her in every way he could wouldl eliminate one of her most staunch enemy and critic. Every Filipino should focus on finding the truth about Duterte’s past that we don’t know. After all, like what Senator Antonio Trillanes had said “we don’t want a mass-murderer for a President”. Have De Lima investigated and all including the president himself. Is that a fair statement?

  3. im still not convinced yet. If we look at chief justice corona he had all this money in his bank account that he couldnt explain, de lima has already said if you think those accounts are mine freeze them. Well freeze them & if they genuinely belong to someone else unless they ill gotten monies they will scream about their accounts frozen & then if they can account for that money they could sue the government. Why are they putting all this information to us when they arnt 100% sure. Referring to corona they asked him about his account with millions of dollars in, he said he didnt have millions of dollars in any account, but look how long it took before he showed how much was there & why the delay for that, because it was ill gotten money & he couldnt show proof of where it came from, or wouldnt show proof. Now if this is de limas money do the same.

    • Pataka ra jag sulti diha! Ingna hinoon si De Lima nga ” pahuhunaa Siya Sa iyang
      gibuhat ni CGMA. Karon, Siya Na pud. Walsh suk of Sa balus ni Bay. Weather weather ang kinabuhi Sa tawo. What you sow you reap.

  4. I don’t like Leila de Lima but for the sake of fairness and justice…haven’t seen really concrete evidence to put her in jail. Everything we heard can be fabricated. As far as her sex video…have not seen it either but that’s below the belt. No one has the right to invade a person’s private life. It’s no one’s business. The justice department can prove her guilt by showing concrete evidences and not just what the inmates had said. What they were saying are subject to investigation. They could be lying. Our president should let justice take its course and not say anything about this case. Bad mouthing can put President Duterte in bad light like he is just after Leila de Lima for whatever reason only known to him. Let us be fair. Let us not put someone in jail because you hate that person…put her in jail if she is truly guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

  5. FYI, FYI-

    These are not outlandish accusations against De Lima. There was suspicion of De Lima’s involvement even before the elections…De Lima “discovered” what was going on at Bilibid well after the Discovery channel’s embarrassing episode. Seem like De Lima did not need a raid to find out, just turn on the tube. In the meantime De Lima claims JB was an asset, and delayed a raid on bilibid for at least 8 months…how long does it take to plan a raid anyway?

    If you show anyone what was going on at the prison, any neutral observer, they will of course implicate the DOJ chief. It really is that obvious. The testimony and bank records are just icing on the cake.

    • These are not outlandish accusations against De Lima
      I don’t disagree with your analysis Simon.

      I would prefer a more professional investigation and not a trial by media. I would think that the president who already said he would stay out of it would actually stay out of it and not prejudice the case and outcome with his statements.

      The President expressed confidence de Lima would be jailed. “She will really be imprisoned, that’s certain because of the testimonial evidence,”

      My main point is the senate is full of pork barrel thieves that will do whatever Duterte tells them to.

      The following senators voted to oust De Lima as chair of the Senate committee on justice and human rights:

      1. Sen. Sonny Angara
      2. Sen. Nancy Binay
      3. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano – Napoles pork barrel list
      4. Sen. JV Ejercito – Graft Charges April 6, 2016
      5. Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian
      6. Sen. Richard Gordon
      7. Sen. Gringo Honasan – Napoles pork barrel list
      8. Sen. Loren Legarda – Napoles pork barrel list
      9. Sen. Manny Pacquiao
      10. Sen. Koko Pimentel – Napoles pork barrel list
      11. Sen. Grace Poe
      12. Sen. Cynthia Villar – Napoles pork barrel list
      13. Sen. Joel Villanueva – Napoles pork barrel list
      14. Sen. Tito Sotto – Napoles pork barrel list
      15. Sen. Ping Lacson
      16. Sen. Migz Zubiri

      Notice all the compromised senators on the Napoles list.

      Duterte has already stated that he has the list and thinks the Pork barrel fund scandal needs to be reopened.
      Having this power over the votes of the senate turns them in rubber stamping peons and is what allowed former president Aquino to escape accountability for the SAF 44 massacre.

    • Almirante Delfin on

      Attention, please! ! !

      Guys, does anybody noticed – that when De Lima speaks – her SALIVA (LAWAY) comes out and sticks only on one side of her mouth/lip. It seems nag la laway siya pag nag salita, parang asong nawala-an ng isip. Like a dog going amock. Sana ipagdasal natin hindi siya gumagamit ng bawal…

  6. Of course everyone knew that the guards, the supervisors, the warden, and the government agencies in charge were getting money to “look the other way” when the convicts in prison did what they wanted. What we did not know then and do now is that Delima was in the middle of all of this. It has been good to watch her fall. Everyone I know will be happy when she lands in Jail. Get all of the crooks out of government and put them in jail.

  7. The President expressed confidence de Lima would be jailed. “She will really be imprisoned, that’s certain because of the testimonial evidence,” Duterte said.

    I suppose a fair trial is out of the question when the President has already declared what he expects the outcome to be. The senate will bend over regardless of the evidence just like they did when Aquino was President.

    The Senate and House of Rep’s have to many members who are subservient due to the President having the power to charge them with stealing their Pork barrel allocations. The thieving congress should be arrested and replaced instead of being allowed to keep their positions as long as they do what they are told.

    “What was that asset? Was it a sexual asset or a source of information? And why do you have to do it for four hours?” Duterte said.
    Duterte claimed he lost his appetite every time he saw the video.

    Duterte sounds like a child, a dangerous child granted but every time he opens his mouth only vulgarities spill out.