DOJ set to file raps vs. Congressmen, Senators over PDAF scam


The Department of Justice is readying charges against lawmakers both from the House and the Senate who have been found to transmit money from their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to bogus non-government organization run by Janet Napoles.

Justice Secretary made the disclosure after she graced the launch of the Book 1 of the House Bill 2300 which will replace the Revised Penal Code with Philippine Code of Crimes.

“We cannot mention names at this point because of the pending investigation by the NBI. We are still in the process of validation but we were already able to confirm the involvement of some lawmakers, both from the House and the Senate. The filing will be dictated by evidence and will be done in a few weeks,” de Lima told reporters.

The NBI investigation on the Napoles case is under the supervision of de Lima in her capacity as the Secretary of Justice.

De Lima refused to name the number of lawmakers and their political affiliations since the investigation is not yet done, but was adamant that the NBI and DOJ are not training their guns on the political foes of the Aquino administration.

“There is no such standard of segregating people. We don’t care if you are from the administration or opposition. When we start filing charges, then you would know that it [political affiliation]is not the benchmark,” de Lima argued.

“The political affiliation is never a criterion on whether you should be subject to investigation or not. The NBI does not engage in any partisan investigation and are not affected by political color,” de Lima added.

De Lima than assured the public that the charges that they will be filing in connection with the alleged P10 billion PDAF will stand on strong testimonial and documentary evidence, and that the statements made by the witnesses before the members of the media won’t telegraph the state’s punches against the erring public officials and Napoles.

The NBI, de Lima added, is under strict orders on keeping the results of its probe confidential from the media until the investigation is done.

She then cited that the team on the Napoles case has been enhanced to be a bigger contingent, with people from the NBI’s Anti-Fraud and Legal Division of the NBI.


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