DOLE shuts union door on Herrera


The Philippine government reaffirmed with finality its decision recognizing Atty. Democrito “Kito” Mendoza as President of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), the biggest labor center in the country.

In a resolution released this week, the Bureau of Labor Relations of the Department of Labor and Employment (BLR-DOLE), in its Order TR-21-4-27-12 dated May 28, 2013, affirmed its August 10, 2012 decision that Mendoza remains the President of the TUCP and dismissed the claims and appeal of Ernesto Herrera contesting the TUCP Presidency.

The BLR ruling stemmed from an intra-union dispute within TUCP arising from a series of desperate acts of Herrera to grab the Presidency of the largest labor center in the Philippines from Mendoza beginning November 2011, including a failed attempt to seize control and possession of the TUCP headquarters in Quezon City on March the following year.

The same ruling also ordered the creation of a committee of five—two representatives each from the camps of Mendoza and Herrera and one from the DOLE as chairperson—which shall oversee the conduct of a special convention which will elect and choose their leaders.

“This is justice for Atty. Mendoza—the man who valiantly dedicated most of his life in helping build the TUCP from a small union in the Cebu ports into a labor center to reckon with towards transforming it to what is now as the apex organization of the Filipino workers,” said Gerry Rivera, Vice President of the TUCP.

“The empirical fact is that we have the membership and the objective truth is that I continue to exercise the authority of TUCP President vested in me by the majority of TUCP affiliates.The BLR decision has unmasked the deliberate fraud advanced by Boy Herrera and has overturned the deception conjured by him. Truth has once more prevailed that I am—and remain—the lawfullly recognized President of TUCP,” Mendoza said.


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