Dolphy’s wise fear has happened but not just in Guatemala


THE late Comedy King Dolphy was not only a great comic, he was also a man of wisdom –even of political wisdom.

That he was a wise man can immediately be seen by someone who never heard him speak on serious matters in the title of his authorized biography, Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-Isa [I didn’t Achieve These All by Myself].

Unlike other entertainment-world celebrities, he wisely shunned entering politics only to treat being an elected official as a sideline and a way of making more money.

Dolphy told of getting and refusing an offer from then Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile of a berth in his party’s senatorial slate. Dolphy would surely have been the topmost winner. And as a senator he would have been on his way to Malacañang. He also turned down an offer to run for mayor of Manila.

Why did he nix running for office? Ricky Lo, the dean of showbiz writers, asked him in an interview. His quick, and witty, reply: “What if I win?” He said it was easy to run for office but impossible to do an honest day’s work as an official if one continued being a showbiz success.

In another interview, that time with GMA News’ Jessica Soho, Dolphy elaborated with a lecture for political officials: “Doon nga ako natatakot, kasi baka manalo ako. Kung talagang papasok ako riyan, talagang magsilbi ako sa bayan. Kung mapapabayaan ko lang, huwag na. [That’s what I fear: that I might win. If I really go into it, then I would really serve the nation. If I would only end up neglecting it (the work and the duties), then I won’t go into politics.],” he said. He also spoke about the importance of combating corruption and for presidents and other officials to be clean.

Dolphy also seriously considered the qualifications of candidates to support. In the 2010 elections he supported defeated Nacionalista Party’s then senator Manny Villar against the Liberal Party’s BS Aquino. He could probably foresee that this president would do everything during his almost six years in office to destroy the institutions of our Republic, including our electoral democracy and the Supreme Court.

What Dolphy feared has been happening in the Philippines long before he died in July 2012. Celebrities have won seats in Congress and proved to be inept and lazy–like BS Aquino himself and our National Fist, the international boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao who has also become the Truancy Champion at the House of Representatives.

It’s happening
What Dolphy feared has also happened in a Latin-American country that the Filipinos only know by name, Guatemala.

Last Sunday, 70 percent of the Guatemalan voters elected Jimmy Morales, a television comedian with no political experience and no real policy platform, president of their country. Only six months ago, polls showed him getting only 1percent of the voters.

His campaign slogan was “not corrupt, not a thief” and won the public just as BS Aquino’s “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap.”

Analysts attribute Jimmy Morales’ victory mainly to Guatemala’s being immersed in corruption (very much like the Philippines, and more so now under BS Aquino). President Otto Pérez Molina was charged with counts of corruption early in September. And virtually all top public officials were also indicted.

Corruption is so bad today–worse by multiples than during the past administrations of Mrs. Arroyo and Mr. Erap Estrada. We are getting to be as bad as Guatemala.

In 2007, the United Nations established the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, an investigative body for the prosecution of corrupt Guatemalan officials. That Commission last April uncovered a customs bribery scam called La Línea. Customs agents were taking bribes at Guatemala’s border and sent shares to the very top of the government.

We pray that something like that happens here and reveals the corruption that involves BS Aquino and his key people. May God punish them for their impunity — and their approval of the injustices against the Lumads.


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  1. Commission Against Impunity in Philippines, a UN investigative body for the prosecution of corrupt BS Aquino administration officials.

  2. now no more celebrities, personalities,media men at the government position. Dapat ng matuto ang mga Filipino sa pagpili ng mga kandidato na talagang may alam sa pagsisilbi sa mamayang Filipino at bayan.. Dahil sa mga tv , radio program na walang kabuhay buhay at walang kapaki pakinabang para sa taong bayan.. Only for their self interest lalo na ang mga celebrieties. Kung walang mga Filipino bobong tumatangkilik sa kanila hindi sila yayaman ng husto..Kung artista sila dun na lang sila sa pagiging artista ang magentertain ng masa.. iyan ang trabaho nila.. Hindi iyong papasok sa pulitika. Tulad ni manny pacquiao. This is his big mistake dun na lang sya sa lugar nila magmayor at councilor…..Dont elect idiot and stupid people like the above…

  3. Pnoy does not care about the poor. Keeping the majority poor and uninformed is his way of leadership to keep himself and his minions in power. Pnoy and his liberal gang were all born in wealth and comfort and clueless on the needs of the poor.

    • mas nakakatakot cguro kung yung dating mahirap na politico na bilyonaryo n ngayon ang magiging presidente ng ating bansa.

  4. The majority , more than 70%, of the Filipino people is made up of very poor people (50+% and 20% people above the poverty line but still poor and unable to provide 100% for their daily needs). The majority of this more than 70% spends their time trying to forget their unmet needs and hunger byh entertaining themselves with fantasies and stupid r4adio and TV sitcoms.
    That is why they cannot have the wisdom of the late Dolphy and vote for whoever can give them money and food and entertainment.

  5. Grace Poe has to think as Dolphy did! She is taking advantage of his father popularity and she should let the task to give way to those bureaucrats and politicians who can manage of being a President of the Philippines.Honesty and popularity is not enough to run a government especially the Philippines wherein if she is elected to office and to be surrounded with pretenders and liars to advise her what is only good to their interest. Slogans that Grace Poe camp is only a mere words to contemplate the campaign just like Tuwid na Daan by Noynoy which do not produce results.

    • Yes you are right, these people claimed that with all their hearts they are going to serve the Filipino people, but we have to look at it that they can better serve us if they will not run at all.

  6. The reason why the likes of Pacquiao, Revilla and Lapid win elections is because the Pinoy.s intelligence and decency can be insulted with impunity