• Dominguez losses Bilibid ‘hut’


    The Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) has demolished the “kubol” [quarters]of convicted carjack gang leader Raymond Dominguez at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

    Apparently, the raiding team has had enough of Dominguez who was found in possession of drug paraphernalia, a brand new bed, and appliances like an air-conditioning unit.

    The “hut”, located at the maximum security compound’s building 1 of quadrant 1, is only one of the properties of Dominguez who was staying in his other quarter when the surprise shakedown was conducted.

    Authorities also tore down a quarter brimming with construction materials.

    In the latest raid, the BuCor seized various appliances, communication gadgets, luxury wristwatches, bladed weapons and P34,000 cash from inmates at quadrants 1 and 2. Several chickens and chicks also surprised the personnel.

    The BuCor has installed several closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the maximum security compound to monitor the inmates.

    BuCor Director General Ricardo Rainier Cruz 3rd said over 100 CCTVs are set to be installed around the NBP vicinity as part of the rehabilitation reforms.

    Meanwhile, a manhunt operation has been ordered against Reynaldo Avergonzado, a convicted murderer who escaped the state penitentiary on Sunday.

    NBP Superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf said the BuCor created a team to track down the missing inmate. Personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) are helping in the manhunt.

    Avergonzado of Dorm 12-B is believed to have bolted from the maximum security compound using a rake.

    It was learned that he has been with the NBP since 2009. He also escaped from the Bohol Provincial Jail years before but was recaptured by authorities.


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    1. Why was this allowed in the first place? because this prisoner has money, powerful connections and more money. Here in the Philippines, MONEY is a very powerful element and can make everything possible, kahit sa pagluluto ng Shabu sa Bilibid ay puwede. The bottom line is this: From the highest position (NBP) to the lowest person doing the work (guards) are corrupt. I cannot really blame these employees because more powerful people above them have shares as well (politicians and political appointees).

    2. If we could redirect this person’s initiatives into doing something constructive for the Philippines, maybe his sentence(s) could be commuted. Too much clever thinking is being wasted.