Domogan extols Japanese volunteer


BAGUIO CITY: Mayor Mauricio Domogan has commended a Japanese national for doing volunteer works in the country’s summer capital.

The mayor said Japanese Mazakasa Nose has been seen picking litters in the city’s overpasses in the central business area.

“Nose’s selfless deed needs to be commended and should serve as a challenge to Baguio residents,” he said.

Nose is regularly seen at the overpasses as his morning routine carrying a black garbage bag for the litter he picks up.

“We should be ashamed that a foreigner is doing what we residents of Baguio should be doing,” the Mayor said.

Domogan said he wants to meet with Nose so he could thank him for his contribution to the betterment of the city’s surroundings.

“I want to personally meet with him and thank him for his volunteer work,” he said.

The Mayor relates with Nose as Domogan himself led residents in the city’s clean and green campaign that earned him the title, “janitor of the city”.


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