• Donaire more likely to choose Rigondeaux over Vetyeka

    Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr.

    Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr.

    THE father of Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr., Nonito Sr., said that his son is more likely to fight unified bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux of Cuba than have a rematch with Simpiwe Vetyeka whom he beat via technical decision for the World Boxing Association (WBA) super featherweight belt last week in Macau.

    Donaire lost his WBA bantamweight and World Boxing Organization bantamweight titles to Rigondeaux in 2012 via unanimous decision.

    “A rematch with Rigondeaux is one of the fights he likes to happen. He [Nonito Jr.] challenges the Cuban to go up to the featherweight division and fight him in a rematch,” Donaire Sr. told The Manila Times on Friday in a phone interview.

    “Nonito really likes to get back at him and it will be a different match now if ever it happens,” Nonito Sr. added. “Nonito is improving his technical skills in boxing and it’s not just the same as it was before when he’s rushing toward his opponent in most fights.”

    In Donaire’s fight against Rigondeaux on April 13, 2013, The Filipino Flash was throwing a lot of punches but could not connect while the Cuban is tearing him apart with impressive counter-punching skills.

    Donaire Jr. (33-2 win-loss log with 21 knockouts) got tired with only three rounds left in the fight and all Rigondeaux (13-0 win-loss record with eight knockouts) has to do is move defensively around the ring.

    “It’s really up to the promoter who will be Nonito’s next opponent this year in November, but my son is really also considering a fight against Rigondeaux if ever he goes up to the featherweight class. That’s not impossible to happen.”

    Donaire belongs to Top Rank Promotion headed by Bob Arum. Given a choice, the older Donaire said he don’t want his son to fight Vetyeka anew.

    “Vetyeka is a very dirty fighter and it’s hard to gamble. Headbutts and elbows are the risk and there’s no money in that fight. Nonito deserves a better opponent in the future, but again everything is up to his promoter.”


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    1. So he now wants rigo to move up to his weight so he has the weight advantage. Sounds a but like manny pacquiao’s tactics there, he mostly fuights light welterweights but they have to come up to welterweight to fight him. But whatever happens he isnt going to beat rigo, rigo has such brilliant skills & they far outweigh donaires skills. The 1st thing he sould do if he has any honour is to give a rematch to vetyeka as it was a very controversial win & get that out of the way then look for other fights but fight guys from your new weight, that way you dont have the advantage & its fair.