Done in good faith or dishonest mistake?



Dick Gordon: “The public is asking what really happened. Why the rush? Was there a target date? A scintilla of doubt creates a tsunami of discredit. This is not a bridge. This is not a school. This is about the LIFE and DEATH of our children.”

Mr. Senator, pieces of the puzzle are falling into place to create the true picture.

Mr. Aquino, there’s no question about the urgency and the need to curb the dengue epidemic. But what we understand is, any vaccination should make us IMMUNE from the disease in question and not be PRONE to any other ill-effects of any kind. Even if the objective was justified, why the rush and the mass implementation?

Did it not even occur to you that the vaccine you purchased had yet to reach a status of stability required for safe use? This column disagrees with your premise that immediate action had to be taken just so your government would not be accused of dilly-dallying. Having had to pay the cost of P3.5 billion for the whole package, didn’t you think you needed to be 100 percent sure that the merchandise was safe for mass distribution?

Chairman Dick has stated many times that the Senate Blue Ribbon committee has no party color except the tricolor of our flag. That no one is immune or exempted from the search for truth, be it the top official of the land, former and current, or the lowest government employee. “We see no reason why they should not be held accountable for any misdeed or misbehavior. This is our mandate as elected legislators. We give high respect to our co-equals and I always conduct these inquiries. Truth does not exempt anybody from culpability. Our main concern here is not to destroy but to build and strengthen the foundations of our nationhood by passing new laws that can prevent future recurrence of the same problems we are facing now. We despise alienation of the weak and the powerless by employing corrupt acts and practices. We remain loyal to our predecessors who helped build the columns of this august hall. We will never surrender to those who will attempt to subvert our laws and use them for personal advancement. Our Senate will always do its part as the sentinel of our God-given rights to live among ourselves in the most peaceful and correct manner.”

Whatever the strain is, 1,2,3 or 4, we want ALL of our vaccines safe to use. By the way, I find it quite inappropriate that no minority senators dared to ask the former President any question whatsoever.

I have to praise BSA3rd, though, for attending. To survive that lengthy hearing without smoking was a feat worthy of praise.

With “bad science” mentioned as the main culprit, I failed to see the possibility of such entity being jailed.

* * *

Believe it or not, communism started in what is today’s most modern metropolis in mainland China they now call “the city of dreams.” The Communist Party of China was initially founded by Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao in the French concession of Shanghai.

* * *

Actually, public servants need no master’s degree from Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. All they need is a tireless, honest intention in doing their job. Wholehearted selfless devotion to serve our countrymen equipped with common sense is more than enough.

* * *

Do not ever forget to take care of your parents especially during the holidays. They are treasures that cannot stay with you forever. You’re their treasure, too. That is why it’s always hard for them to say goodbye after your visit. Make their stay, however limited, memorable.

* * *

Why is Gabriela showing more concern over the extension of martial law than the controversial dengue vaccine? Are they not that worried about the mothers and the 830K inoculated children themselves?

* * *

Mr. President, please solve the Metro Manila traffic. It cannot be our way of life. Kick those incompetent fools trying to use their positions as springboards to their future political plans.

* * *

In fairness to the government, what pose a major cause of the MMDA woes in regulating EDSA traffic are the independent traffic policies of cities adjacent to that main thoroughfare – Caloocan, Quezon City, Marikina, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati, Pasay and Manila. And they have different traffic enforcers on their respective tributaries. Add to these the “colorum” problem, side-street parking, provincial buses with their terminals occupying obstructive entry and exit points, and frequent U-turn modifications, undisciplined drivers, “kotong” cops and unenforced yellow lanes, (plus the egos of the mayors) – a perfect combination for a perfect traffic storm.

* * *

Somebody asked me if I get affected by the sight of a woman’s cleavage in making photo shoots. My answer is “not at all.” I am an amateur landscape photographer and I see it as a luscious valley between two gorgeous mountains.

* * *

Now that we have fingerprints, voice, eye and face recognition on our smartphones, I’m just wondering what’s going to be next.

Breath recognition? Body odor recognition? Eyebrow and eyelashes recognition? Snoring and burp recognition? Pout and smirk recognition? Dimple, birthmark and mole recognition? Tattoo recognition? Cataract recognition? In this world of technology, nothing seems impossible anymore.

* * *

I keep asking myself these questions:
Why do I have to pay parking fees for patronizing a mall or a supermarket?

Why do I have to shell out money to use a clean toilet in malls? If I don’t pay, will they just leave them dirty?

Why do grocery cashiers and sales attendants never stop chatting as though they haven’t seen each other for years?

Why are the items I usually like at supermarkets always out of stock and why does the sales lady always take pride in telling me that, seemingly enjoying seeing my moment of disappointment?

Why am I paying road user’s tax when I can barely move going anywhere?

Why do restaurants have items in their menu that are not available?

Why are waiters and waitresses always engaged in deep conversations that they can’t see me jumping up and down to ask for my bill?

On the other hand, why do some waiters stand close to me and stare while I eat as if waiting for me to burp or choke?

Why do I have to pay ‘watch your car’ boys while the guards are just there watching?

* * *

Smartphones are now widely used to take photos everywhere.

These are some tips to consider when taking photos with your smartphone:

Consider the setting for your portrait.
1. A natural pose for a natural shot.
2. Composition.
3. Use portrait mode.
4. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
I will deal with the details in my next article.

* * *

“Imagine the action of a vaccine not just in terms of how it affects a single body, but also in terms of how it affects the collective body of a community.” – Eula Biss

* * *

Good work, good deeds and good faith.


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