• Donita Rose’s road to healing

    Donita Rose ended her 12-year marriage to Eric Villarama this year

    Donita Rose ended her 12-year marriage to Eric Villarama this year

    Everyone was mesmerized with a young mestiza named Donita Rose when she first made a splash on television in 1989. The daughter of an American military officer and a Filipina mother, Rose is one of the many talent discoveries of the later “Master Showman” German Moreno, and made her name at via the iconic teen variety show That’s Entertainment.

    Her knack for hosting and her natural talent in engaging people later enabled Rose to not only explore acting, but also as one of the very first disc jockeys on TV when the concept was first introduced by MTV Asia. At that time, the winning and articulate beauty made a home in Singapore and extended her fame around the region.

    The hardworking—and very independent—actress-host found her match in 2001 when she met Eric Villarama, whom she married in 2003 in Santa Barbara, California. A year later, she gave birth to their only child Joshua Paul.

    The young family heeded the call of home when they returned to the Philippines in 2007, during which time Rose took on different projects for TV.

    Back in showbiz
    Rose became more showbiz-wise in 2014, returning to acting while her husband decided to move back to US.

    The turn of events naturally gave rise to questions whether the couple had hit a snag in their marriage. In 2015, the actress admitted they were having marital problems but assured everyone they were working hard to resolve their problems.

    Earlier this year, however, Rose revealed that they finally decided to call it quits after 12-year as husband and wife despite all their efforts for reconciliation.

    “I am not hiding the fact that we’re not together anymore. I will say that it’s not just very painful, but it’s a very devastating thing to go through. Now, I’m in a position where I’m just starting to heal and move on,” Rose had said during an interview in Mo Twister’s podcast program, Good Times with Mo.

    Inner healing
    Three months into her separation and taking her much needed break away from work, Rose shared that she is now able to tend to herself and in fact, address her health problems.

    In a press event where Rose testified to the benefits of sleep with American mattress and pillow brand Tempur, the actress told The Manila Times, “I was really, really down last year and I decided just to figure out everything. That’s why I’m really working out my health to start with. It’s like I’m on this health journey right now.”

    Unknown to many, Rose has been enduring migraines for quite some time, so intense in fact that she would take four to six types of painkillers a day to ease the agony.

    “I think there are a lot of factors that contribute to my migraine, like for one I didn’t sleep through the night. I can sleep 8 to 10 hours but I keep wa­king up because I switch sides. I think sleep is a very big factor in my health problems,” the 41-year old revealed.

    “It has been a long journey for me to discover why I have these migraines, and I’ve tried almost everything. Now I have a nutritionist, I have a trainor, and I have chiropractor and do chiropractic adjustments every week now. I even schedule my water intake every two hours. Also, I have a gluten-free diet now,” Rose detailed, adding she also eliminated dairy products in her diet to fast track her healing.

    “It’s been 10 weeks already since I’ve been eating healthy and really watching what I eat. I think it’s getting a little bit better,” she said with a smile.

    While healing herself physically, Rose—a certified chef with a Culinary Arts degree from The Academy for International Culinary Arts and kitchen experience in Singapore—is now also bent on sharing the benefits of her healthy diet.

    “I am planning a business in catering that will serve healthy food,” she finally shared with The Manila Times.

    She emphasized she is a believer that in order to become whole again, even emotionally, healing should be holistic and involve everything about the self.


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