Don’t blame Islam


    MORE and more liberal-minded people are getting frightened by news of mass shootings and bomb attacks by Islamic State followers and sympathizers in Europe and the USA, not to mention the IS carnage of Christian and non-IS-supportive Muslims in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East and Africa.

    Many non-Muslims now want “moderate” Muslims to be more active in fighting the extremists and murderous Islamists, like ISIS and similar groups. An armed band of Muslims in Mindanao are known to have declared its members’ allegiance to ISIS. It waves the black ISIS flag and its leaders have admitted that they perpetrated their attacks on Filipino targets in the name of the Islamic State and to promote its aim of establishing a global caliphate.

    Because of this, more and more non-Muslims are asking: Why don’t the good and moderate Muslims not fight their bad, extremist, terrorist co-religionists?

    Some respected opinion-leaders in the United States and Europe are saying that Islam itself is the ideology that creates the ISIS and Islamic killers. That is the reason, they claim, the “moderate Muslims” are not condemning the radical Islamists.

    We agree that the so-called “moderate Muslims” — the ones who are our friends, officemates and companions in socio-economic and civic work — could be more vocal in denouncing the evil that ISIS and the like are doing. But we also understand and forgive them for being prudent. If they actively fought ISIS, they could be the next people or family to be bombed or gunned down.

    We think “moderate Muslims” is a wrong term. The good Muslims are the true ones. The evil Muslims are non-Muslims at all.

    The young US-citizen of Afghani-descent, the pious Muslim Omar Mateen, whom his wife and the imam in his mosque described as a person without links to ISIS or any terrorist organization, opened fire at the drinking, dancing and demonic habitués (in his eyes) of a gay and lesbian Orlando, Florida, nightclub. They both said he shot the Pulse Club customers, killing at least 50 of them and wounding a hundred more, because he saw them as evil — not because he was carrying out an ISIS terrorist, political operation.

    And it does look like this young man was mentally unstable as his divorced wife claimed and did his horrific deed of mass murder because of his hatred for gays.

    President Obama has called the carnage a “terrorist act.” It seems to lend credence to the wrong notion that Islam’s teachings ultimately lead earnest believers to extreme acts because the Holy Quran does teach believers how God/Allah hates unbelievers and infidels who deserve nothing but degradation and hellfire.

    It is a perverse version of Islam the ISIS preaches and practices.

    The fact is that the Holy Quran–while not preaching the new commandments of Love, Salvation and Redemption that Jesus preached and gave an example of on the Cross– does teach that Muslims should wage war only for self-defense (Al-Baqarah: 190) and forbids Muslims from provoking war (Al-Hajj: 39).

    Islamic teachers from the earliest have been preaching, if not the kind of Love for fellowman as the ultimate sign of Love for God that Jesus taught, that the people of Islam must be kind and just.

    Some Christians—like some of the ancient Crusaders and in our world today some of the extremists who dominated politics and the power-play in some areas of the American South until only two or three decades ago—also perverted the religion Jesus Christ founded.

    No, Islam is not to blame when someone like Omar Mateen kills innocent people, when the cruel and mad warriors of ISIS and the Islamic Caliphate and some elements in Muslim Mindanao commit atrocities while shouting “Allah is Great!”


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    1. Here we go again, with the Crusades. The question should be who started the war back then in the 7th century, the Christians or the Muslims? So people would know that the the whole North Africa and the Middle east as far as the modern day Iraq were Christian land, Mohammad only came in the years of the 600. He started occupying the Christian land and force made it into Muslim land as we see in modern times. Truth be told!

    2. There are verses in Koran that are very violent. That is why there are Extreme Islam. I have friends that are good Muslims and there are also very bad Catholics. It is very hard to say who is bad and good depending in their religion. In my opinion, anything that is extreme is bad.

    3. Frank A. Tucker on

      If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to actually read the Quran. Once you have done that your ‘point-of-view’ will surely change and you will understand that Islam is FAR form a religion of PEACE !