Don’t force Lumads to become city folks


I AM a member of the Indigenous People in Sarangani Province and I was alarmed with the issues regarding the IPs of Talaingod, Davao circulating in news and other social media platforms. I was able to watched different video and photo footages from different sources and of which others were from known personalities and groups involved in the said issue. The video itself does not seem to show the real situation presented in news portal both online and print.

What is the truth behind this issue? Who are the users and who are the supermen or wonderwomen among them? Whoever they may be, my main concern here is the plight my fellow IPs as victims.

I question why these progressive groups mainly dominates the situation, are they the right agency to address such situation? It appears to me that the IPs are misled by these group to speak and stand for what they really wanted to do with their life.

Months ago, I remember how these involved groups (like Karapatan, Bayan Muna, etc) shouted in street protest for respect of human rights. But it seems that their actions are the opposite of the initiative that they are trying to make people believe in. The situation of IPs in Haran is a clear manifestation of blatant violations of their rights. Those in authority should realize that these IPs were exploited, deceived and used by militant groups. As they say they want, they must be sent back home in order to resume their way of life as peace loving citizens close to nature and not be forced to become city peoplpe.

Ingrid Salam
Ingrid Salam <>
Sarangani Province


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  1. again, the issue here is the plight of our lumads..not of any groups’ (military, government, non-government, religious or what nots) issue, we must all see the angles for us to be objective..if we only keep on siding on specific arenas, then we lose track of the rights of our lumads.. after all, they are peacefully living in their communities not until groups and organizations just barged in without permission to their tribal leaders, that in itself is a huge disrespect on their customary laws and tradition…

  2. Dear Ingrid Salam,

    Are you for real ? You prefer to believe the twisted facts of the government and military. Why don’t you want to believe what the Lumads are saying? The Lumads wans the military and the para-military goons out of their area before they return. They say it is the military that is victimizing them. Why don’t you believe them? Are you really nuts ???

    • hmmm.. ikabodbubwit… you also seem to be sounding like a superhero.. do u also have a separate government to whom you offer such wisdom????