• Don’t get mad, get even!


    In any electoral exercise, it is no longer surprising to hear unrealistic and exaggerated promises from candidates before the elections. It is said that there is no greater deception in recent history than the rift between pre-election words and post-election deeds.

    To lure votes, candidates promise to bring the electorate to paradise, make their life easy, and bring about economic prosperity. They pay huge money to experts at manipulating minds through media advertisements and press releases. A candidate who does not make exaggerated promises might lose gullible votes.

    But once they get into office, they forget about what they promised. They live in paradise, leaving the people on their own.

    Politicians who break their promises should no longer make us angry. Deception is their game. The best thing to do is to not fall into their trap.

    Election Day is barely four weeks away. The candidates, be they for national or local positions, should have laid down their platform of governance by this time. Let us examine them one by one and see if they are capable of delivering. If we ignore the telltale signs of deception, then we should be ready for betrayal.

    If one candidate promises to eradicate crime in three to six months, something that no administration managed to do in several decades, how then can he do it without resorting to genocide?

    If another candidate promises to build multibillion-peso infrastructure projects and reduce income taxes at the same time, where will he get the money to fund those costly undertakings?

    Politicians have learned the art of articulating lies and deceiving the public with false accomplishments. Let us see through their intentions and how they and their families and friends behave before casting our vote for them.

    As I write this, I came across a news story that Vice President Jejomar Binay has stepped up his attack on Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, calling him unfit to lead the country because “the presidency is not for liars and merciless killers.”

    Wasn’t Binay also called a “pathological liar” by Sen. Antonio Trillanes, a candidate for vice president, as the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee was investigating the alleged web of corruption spun by the Binay family in the city government of Makati?

    ‘’We can see how the Vice President could fool people. Imagine when he becomes the President, he will conduct presscon and he will [give]you garbage after garbage, lie after lie. That is something the voters should ponder on,’’ Trillanes said as Binay refused to honor an invitation to attend the public hearings and answer the charges of corruption leveled against him.

    And Binay’s spokespersons have said the Vice President did not want to debate with Trillanes because the senator is a liar.

    Duterte has also called administration candidate Mar Roxas a liar for claiming that he is a Wharton graduate. Roxas presented his Wharton University credentials and shot back at Duterte by pointing out that the mayor lied about his claim that Davao City is a peaceful place when in fact it ranked fourth among the cities across that country with the highest rate of index crimes.

    All of them are lying, one way or another. Not only are those seeking the highest office lying but those running for local positions as well.

    Let us not be fooled by their humor and cursing. Politicians are liars. Of course they won’t admit they are. They promise to uplift the living standards of the poor but end up protecting the interests of the rich once they are in power.

    Keep in mind on Election Day that it is the time for us to get even at these liars. If the candidates who tell the most lies win, we are partly to blame because we allow them to deceive us.

    We need change in governance, but we will not have that unless we allow change to start with us.

    Candidates make promises while begging for votes. We should always keep reminding them about these. The next election may be too long before they make the same promises and cite excuses for failing to deliver those.

    Don’t get angry if they don’t keep their promises. Get even! Make your vote count.


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    1. Frodo Godofredo on

      Who is the best choice for president? The candidates are the “crap off the cream” whoever wins, we still lose in the end.

    2. arnel amador on

      good advice. however, if followed, your ballot paper will ended up blank or empty…

    3. Important: Who have large incomes in the SALN? E.g., Grace Poe mentioned several corporations but why is it not reflected? Just asking?