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    RECENTLY, I had an exchange of e-mails with Lita Cruz, a balikbayan who is the author of two novels, “The Diary of a Teacher” and “Starless Star.” She has also produced an album featuring her own compositions.

    Unluckily, her e-mails are an expression of disappointment over her unanswered communications. I told her over a cup of coffee on Sunday that unlike people in her adopted country, which is America, Filipinos in the Philippines rarely respond to letters and e-mails they receive from strangers.

    On April 14, Ms. Cruz wrote:
    “I am a Fil-American, 73, retiree author/composer based in Renton, Washington, USA. I am spending my vacation here in the Philippines with my two married sons. I have two novels and two CD album published in the United States and I am thinking of offering them to ABS-CBN or GMA.

    “I sent them e-mail through their website but unfortunately, none of their staff in charge even replied to my queries.

    “I fortunately read your article on the digital newspaper of Manila Times. I thought of sending you this e-mail with the hope that it will reach you and you will have time to reply.

    “Thank you and God bless!”

    “I do not know how I can help you. I can only publish your letter in my column. Why don’t you send me more info about yourself, say your bio data?

    Thank you for reading The Manila Times.

    “Perhaps an interview with you can help. Good day and welcome home.”

    Ms. Cruz:

    “Hello Mr. Perez:

    “Thank you for your prompt reply. It is the first reply I have ever received in all communications I did in the Philippines.

    “I am flattered and honored to be interviewed by a good writer like you. You can call me anytime after 10 a.m.”

    In fairness to ABS-CBN and GMA 7, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. They must have received Ms. Cruz’s e-mails but have yet to pass them to the right people who are tasked to answer communications from the public.

    My suggestion is for Ms. Cruz to exercise more patience and wait for the people of the two TV and radio networks to realize that the public who patronize them have brought them where they are now.

    By the way, being listed, ABS-CBN and GMA 7 shares are openly traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

    Own experience
    It is better to illustrate why even private companies should answer communications from the public. If these are sent via e-mails, they can easily e-mail back even if their answers might be in the form of “rejection slips.”

    I used to own a baseball which I recently gave to a media colleague. It had a number of signatures on it, one of which was that of Johnny Bench. I googled the name and found out that he is “an American former catcher who played Major Leagues for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 to 1983 and is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame,” according to Wikipedia.

    The next question that I asked myself was how I could have the signatures authenticated. To solve the mystery over the names, I again googled for information and found one. I e-mailed Johnny Bench Enterprises on Dec. 12, 2014 the following:

    “I have a Rawlings baseball with three signatures in it one of them appear to be that of Mr. Johnny Bench. How can I have these signatures authenticated?”
    Unexpected replies
    I was not expecting a prompt reply, which came and even arrived on the same date, the Philippines, being ahead US by one day:

    “We do not have qualification to authenticate signatures that we did not witness. You must go through a licensed authentication service.”

    How nice of Johnny Bench Enterprises to have acknowledged receipt of my letter!

    Many years ago when I was in my early years as a proofreader of the now-defunct The Manila Chronicle, I wrote via airmail – there was no e-mail yet – two schools in the US. If I recall correctly, one was Michigan Institute of Technology and the other was Michigan Technological University.

    In my letter, I asked if it was possible for a Filipino student to avail himself a scholarship or to support himself thru college by being a working student.

    Although the two schools did not have any kind of scholarship to offer a foreigner, they gave me importance by responding to my letters.

    I decided to include in this piece my own experiences in writing letters years ago and in using the e-mails today because I am into communications thru the media. I owe the readers of The Manila Times where I am today even if sometimes some of them disagree with my topics in Duediligencer.

    Having grown up with ordinary and airmail letters, At 69, I am lucky to be using e-mails today, which is the faster way of communications that have killed messaging thru telegrams.

    If e-mails had replaced the telegrams, what would be men’s next mode of communications that would be much faster than e-mails?


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    1. Thanks to Mr. Emeterio SD Perez for publishing my sentiment and to all those who commented on his article. Mr. SD Perez is right. Through him, I got a call from the call center of ABS CBS from the same person, three times in a row to verify my true identification and where I stay in the Philippines. They wanted to be sure that I am the real Lita T. Cruz, not a phony author/composer. I replied courteously that I don’t blame them but I am also careful not to give them my address as I am also careful to give information to people I don’t know. . I requested him to google my name to check my complete profile. The same day, I got an email from Atty. Marivic Benedicto of ABS CBN requesting me to send her copies of my novels and my songs which are published in the United States. I sent her download cards last Friday and I am sure they are now reviewing my work. Whether they consider my work or not, I am happy. At least, they spent their time contacting me.

      I did not contact anyone for reasons of politics. I have been gone from the Philippines for more than three decades but I visit almost every year to see my children and their family. I love this country, my country of birth and I pray that may the right people be voted and take care of its peace, order and economy.

      I sent emails to executives of ABS-CBN, GMA, to Mr. Emeterio two weeks ago and Mr. Emeterio replied immediately. My family and I met him over a cup of coffee. Two months ago, I sent emails to all the corporate officers of the top bookstores in the Philippines, National Bookstores, PowerBooks, Fully Books and Goodwill (for book signing), but none of them replied. It is ok with me. I still remember what my father used to say “suntok sa buwan”… but never give up. I believe that if God wants things to happen, it will happen. So no regrets. Just take every blow, but never give up. Keep on punching.

      I wish to thank Mr. Emeterio SD. Perez, the man with few words in person, but so many wonderful statements to say in his article. Long live to you sir!


      Lita T. Cruz

    2. “In fairness to ABS-CBN and GMA 7, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. They must have received Ms. Cruz’s e-mails but have yet to pass them to the right people who are tasked to answer communications from the public.”

      Right Sir. They need to forward the email to their bosses. However, those who received the email are people administering the website – the same employees in the corporate communication department.

      A simple reply – “Your email has already been forwarded to management. Thank You” – should have sufficed.

      • I agree, Before I migrated to the United States, I was working with Floro Enterprises as its Polaroid Product Manager. Mr. Vic Floro, our VP & Marketing Manager had a strict policy. Letters should be answered by letters, phone calls should be answered by phone calls, telex should be replied with telex (there was no email yet then) within 24 hours of receipt.

        I remembered that and I practiced it even when I was already working in America. I still do that up to now. A rejection notice is better rather than not receiving any reply at all. Thanks and God bless!

    3. Dear madam,

      thru my evaluation of your inquiry regarding your emails to the 2 big network media in the Philippines, and as far as my observations is concerned, your email will be gain nothing, if your topic is in this regards is politics. For your information madam, This two giant network media was the puppet of Abnoy administration whose main objective is to control the lifes of Filipino people thru their media brain washing, against their political opponents, intended only to Marcoses Family, and nothing else.. maybe you give favor on the other party and not in favor of abnoy political party, that is why they don’t reply on your emails. This is only my conception madam…God bless you..

      • Hello Mr. Luna:

        Thanks for giving your reply and your concern.

        I am not really into politics. I pray hard though that my the right parties be elected so my birth country, Philippines and its people be taken cared of. May all the issues on graft and corruption, poverty, peace, order and economy be solved.

        Fortunately, Atty. Marivic Benedicto of ABS-CBS already replied. What ever happens next is already in God’s hands. What makes me happy is I feel important with the reply no matter how positive or negative the result is.

        Thank you again and God bless you and your family.