• Don’t impose your idolatry on us!

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    THIS is a suggestion to Rep. Magnolia Rosa Antonino Nadres of Nueva Ecijca, the author of HB 4820 renaming the 84-kilometer North Luzon Expressway after the mother of the present Malacañang chief occupant. Because she came from another province away from NLEX, she sponsored the proposed legislation, imposing her idolatry on the people of some towns in Bulacan and Pampanga.

    Renaming NLEX after her idol, according to Antonino, “will bestow honor on and perpetuate the memory of the late president…” Really? What honor was she talking about?

    What memory is there to perpetuate in naming NLEX after a native of Tarlac when not even an inch of NLEX passes thru her province? It would have been more appropriate for Nadres to suggest the renaming of Hacienda Luisita after the late Malacañang chief woman occupant.

    But CoCoA expressway? What an acronym!

    Congress’ imposition on the people of the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga should not be allowed to happen. Where are the five lawmakers who represent the two provinces in Congress? Have they all been sleeping when the House Committee on Public Works approved Nadres’ bill? Who are they supposed to represent and whose interest should they fight for? Have they all become so submissive to Malacañang?

    Of course, the committee chairman Ronald M. Cosalan was not expected to oppose the renaming of NLEX because he is not from Bulacan. He represents Benguet and the interest of his constituents. Why should he care at all about Bulacan and Pampanga?

    Hacienda Luisita
    Antonino should review the events that led to the passage of a law allowing the distribution of certificates of shares of stock to tenant farmers instead of farm lands. She should have known that the farmers of Hacienda Luisita have won their fight for the abolition of her late idol’s version of corporate agrarian reform law.

    Please remember the Supreme Court ruling against the late president’s agrarian reform law!

    Antonino should know that Chief Justice Renato Corona was impeached and eventually ousted not for his savings account but because her president, Malacañang’s present chief occupant, hated him for ruling against his inheritance.

    As someone from Nueva Ecija, Antonino should be told that not everybody loves her idol as much as she does. So she should not force us to love her too. By “us,” I am referring to those of us who used to live and those who still live in Meycauayan, Marilao, Bocaue, Balagtas, Guiguinto, Malolos, Plaridel and Pulilan in Bulacan; and San Simon, San Fernando, Mexico and Angeles in Pampanga. NLEX traverses all these towns.

    Why doesn’t Antonino rename Nueva Ecija after her idol? Let us see how Novo Ecijanos would react to her not-so-wise proposal but which, to her, would be patriotic

    A major diversification
    As most of the public investors must have learned thru postings on the website of the Philippine Stock Exchange, South China Resources Inc. is now SOCResources Inc. (SOCR).

    There is a good reason for the new name. “Due to the current geopolitical status in the West Philippine Sea,” it informed its stockholders in a PSE posting, “the company deemed its former corporate name no longer suitable.” It did not say it does not want to be caught in the controversy involving the claim over the area of both the Philippines and China.

    Despite a different identity and a new business focus, SCRI remains public. It has 367 stockholders who own 901.92 million outstanding shares. Three significant stockholders hold a total of 688.2 million shares, or 76 percent of 901.92 million outstanding shares. Belen R. Castro owns 231.5 million shares, or 25.67 percent; her brothers Edgardo Reyes and Wilfredo P. Reyes own 229.85 million shares, or 25.48 percent, and 226.85 million shares, or 25.15 percent, respectively.

    Erap as stockholder
    If you are one of SOCR’s public stockholders, you are lucky to be in good company. Former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is a subscriber to 500,000 shares, for which he paid P125,000, leaving him with 375,000 unpaid subscribed shares worth P375,000 at P1 per share.

    Due Diligencer is reporting SOCR’s ownership profile in view of the new thrust of the company. It is now engaged in property development thru a subsidiary which it incorporated on Nov. 11, 2010. This is a major diversification from oil and gas search to property development.

    At this point, it would be better for the public to review SOCR’s filings to apprise themselves of the goings-on in the company’s boardroom. They should be active stockholders by attending SOCR’s stockholders’ meeting to be held at 2:00 p.m. on May 29, 2015 at the West Room of the Manila Golf and Country Club. One question to ask is: Will the Reyeses allow the public to directly invest in SOCR’s unit SOC Land Development Corp.?



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    1. truth is, the author of this garbage bill was told to tell who ordered her to write this bill so people will know that it was not her idea but rather aquino’s. garbage as she is this bill is, the price to write it was savvy enough for her and her family to go spending spree.

    2. Helen Ramos on

      From where I am in Europe, I see the Philippines as going backwards even more, instead of forward like the Tiger that we were expected to be. Stuck at category Cat or Pusa. No movement forward. Even our schools did not make it to the global list of top educational institutions. Left behind as usual by all our neighbors. Shame, shame, shame. And all because of dirty politics, greed and corruption. Puro sakim, manhid at marurumi ang mga politico at mga namumuno sa administrasyon ng bayan, from the president, down to the pencil pushers in various agencies.
      Kawawang Pilipinas. Kawawang Pilipino. The poor OFW has to leave the country, family and loved ones, just to earn a decent living.
      And the only accomplishment the government seem to have is stamping their stupid names on streets and highways, public buildings, and other such edifices, regardless of the meaninglessness of those names. Sure we have private companies and corporations making money. But look at where the ordinary people are. Are they getting what they expect from the government? Can the people live well with only their pension entitlement when they retire? Do they get sufficient medical services? Can they be buried decently without pawning their homes or property?

      Where are you going Philippines? What terrible state and condition is this government trying to taking us, with people, stuck in that non-participatory and sheeple attitude. Wake up sheeples, before you find yourself in a sticky muck from which you cannot leave.

    3. Since 1986 the rise of pigheaded ang crab mentality leaders continue to this day.

    4. Come on people, be a little more compassionate. What is one more freeway/expressway named after a Cojuangco/Aquino? They might have run out of airports to name after a Cojuangco/Aquino already. And when they run out of highways and exspressways to name after their idol, surely there are many more major and minor roads to do the same. I will volunteer the dirty feeder road beside my house in Pangasinan for this ritual especially if it invites a few thousand pork to make it more decent. Remember they gave us the 3 Aquinos that we have to be eternally grateful for.

      • Oo nga kaya, pati Ayala Avenue, palitan na rin ng quo rhee ang pangalan. Ganun na rin ang EDSA at Rizal Avenue at Taft Avenue sa Manila. Ang problema lang ay baka mahirapan mag serve ng warrant ang mga taga korte dahil lahat na lang ng kalsada ay quo rhee ang pangalan. Pati na siguro ang mga kalsada sa Cebu at Davao at lalo sa Tarlac ay palitan na rin ng quo rhee ang pangalan. Magkakaiba na lang sa dulo ng pangalan dahil may boulevard, street, avenue, lane, road o di kaya ay jalan, strasse or rue.

    5. Lerma P. Jacinto on

      Ang pangalang Northern Luzon Expressway ay isang pagbibigay-pugay sa ating bansa, Luzon being one of the islands of our country. Renaming it into CoCoA Expressway is ridiculous and stupidity.

      To Rep.Magnolia Antonino Nadres, pls. introduce bills that are beneficial to the Filipino people. Not just a bill patronizing your idol, Cory Aquino at the expense of our nation and the taxes of the people. Itaas naman po natin ang antas at kapasidad ng kakayahan ng ating mga mambabatas.

    6. Anong katarantaduhan this woman is doing in Congress? Can she not think of a better legislation for her own district? Sip-sip….kapal Ng mukha.Dapat sampalin sya Para matauhan.Wala Na bang PDAF?????

    7. E. G. Festin on

      Under Cory’s son the Philippines has been made to shine UNTRUTHFULLY abroad but back home our country has become a one-man MAD dictatorship and our country is being given away or sold to Malaysia. Patriotic policemen doing their job are massacred by the MILF-BIFF. Yet, Cory’s son insists of railroading the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law that will lead to WAR in Mindanao and the acquisition of it by Malaysia.

      Ginagawa tayong tanga, mga kababayan. Huwag tayong duwag at payagang masira ng husto ang Inang Bayan,

      People Power na!

      • Nun panahon ni Marcos, sabi nila, 29.999M Filipinos at isa lang ang matalino. Ngayon, 99,999,999 Filipinos ang magaling at isa lang ang bobo pero yun bobo pa rin ang namumuno. Ganun ba ang demokrasya, minority wins?

    8. Renaming NLEX after former Pres. Cory Aquino according to Antonino, “will bestow honor on and perpetuate the memory of the late president…” Ha?

      IT WILL ONLY REMINISCE the start of all miseries we’ve been encountering.

    9. This HB is written to appease or make sipsip to Malacanang occupant. Nonsense bill! These show what kind of congressmen/women we have. When can we have a congress and senate that will make laws that will benefit the citizens especially the ordinary and poor people? Hope sooner