Don’t jump the gun in Pacquiao vs homosexuality row


LET ‘S keep our heads and our perspectives straight in looking at the big controversy between boxing idol Manny Pacquiao and the justifiably incensed and aggrieved members of our gay community.

Let’s not allow our personal feelings about sexual orientation to distort our perception of what this row is all about.

Letting emotions and prejudices rule the public conversation is the surest way to muddle the issues, make the situation worse than it is, and prevent a speedy settlement of the public misunderstanding.

As a first step, let us all be clear about what ignited this controversy and deal with it. What ignited this were the misguided remarks of Manny which went over the top by labeling homosexuals as worse than animals.

Up to a point, he was only expressing his personal beliefs and opinion, which he has a perfect right to do by reason of free speech.

Equally, leading members of our gay community and citizens offended by Manny’s rant have the perfect right to condemn Manny for hate speech, and to call for action against him.

At this stage, it’s only a clash of viewpoints.

The second step is to recognize that at this stage the controversy is not about same-sex marriage. This issue is not the subject of contention, although many may have jumped the gun by assuming that it is.

Same-sex marriage is not yet on the table. No bill has been filed in Congress for the legalization of same-sex marriage, as has already happened in the United States and other countries. Our legislators have nothing yet to discuss and debate about. Indeed, there will be no Congress until the May elections elect a new legislature.

So there’s no cause for people to be alarmed that a radical change of our marriage laws is at hand.

There’s no reason for members of our gay community to already start preparing for their nuptials. Such static only grates on the nerves of homophobes and the public.

As a third step, it is well to remember that in situations where deep-seated prejudices are aroused, regrettable consequences can result. The personal and civil rights of people can be violated. And the authority of government can be abused and perverted in a way that could oppress numerically inferior minorities.

Reason must prevail in resolving this row.

Dialogue and enlightened discussion are imperative, so it is commendable that Manny and some gay community leaders have engaged in discussion.

The media and responsible members of government can do a lot in promoting public understanding, by telling our people to ever bear in mind the following truths:

1. The rights of every citizen, including gay citizens, are fundamental. We are all entitled to respect within society and the protection of our laws;

2. The state of human and scientific knowledge today about homosecxuality and other sexual orientations has greatly advanced over the past century; and

3. Humane laws have evolved to accord better treatment and more recognition to the so-called LGBT community today.

Finally, in light of this controversy, this may be an opportune time for our society to acknowledge publicly the important contribution that gay people have made to our society and the nation. Across the years, exceptional members of the community have enriched our common life and the national culture. And they include some of our most celebrated artists and writers.


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  1. set back at backlash kay PACQUIAO ang demonyong pahayag nito sa GAY communities..

    Kung seseryosohin ng mga popular celebrity (nora aunor, boy abunda, piolo pascual at iba pang sikat) ang “Don’t Vote pacquiao campaign” at “JUNK pacquiao BINAY and others… Tinatantyang aabot sa mahigit 2 – 4 million votes ang kayang impluwensyahan ng kampanya ….mula sa #7-8, inaasahang babagsak si pacquiao sa #14 – May 6 2016..

    backlash para sa kanyang political ambition (senate / president),
    backlash din kay BINAY, ang blind follower at tagapag-tanggol ni Pacquiao at ,
    backlash din sa kultong BORN-AGAIN Christian…ang nalalaos, inaamag at malapit ng magcollapse na kultong grupo sa Pilipinas,

  2. Manny Pacquiao was simply stating the truth as clearly revealed in the Bible. Is stating your opinion now considered ‘hate speech’ by the media? The Bible contains passages which clearly condemn LGBT practices. Should we now ban the Bible because of its ‘hate speech’?

  3. Manny has offered a genuine apology for the “animals” comment, and that should be the end of it. He is entitled to oppose gay marriage, as many others (not including me) do.

  4. Being an LGBT is part of our society. Priests and nuns are also part of our society.

    For as long as our so called “pita ng laman” are being controlled, like the priests and nuns, we are OK. We respect them to fall in love (a human right) not to the extent to make sexual intercourse with married men/women and alternately engage to different men/women in intercourse. Now, you engage with man to man or woman to woman, Oh no.

    Please control your “pita ng laman”. For married, Adultery/concubinage. Now, What for LGBT? There is no law to prohibit them. Only from the bible.

    • Hello what do you mean only in the bible??? Don’t you know that when ever you go to testify in court you place your hand on a bible or Koran signifying that the word of God/Allah is greater than laws of men!!!!

  5. Mr Pacman just answered the question from his heart. I believe he did not judge anyone, but rather shared his faith. To back up what is in heart, he quoted Bible Verses without fear . The devils trembled and angered.

    We all know, that Philippines is the only Christian Nation in the far east, but I never heard a Priest preaching what is in the Bible says about Gays or Lesbians. It is good that there is a boxer who bravely punched lesbianism…

  6. I take the side of Manny in this current brouhaha and I commend him for taking a stand not against the preferences of the LGBT but against the acts of having sexual relations between a man or woman with another of the same sex. Manny made it clear (in the interview with Karen Davila on live TV) that he bases his stand on this on the words of the Bible which remains immutable and unchanged since more than two thousand years past. I agree with Manny on this rather than those who would say that he is a bigot who has not realized that these are already modern times and his stance has since been rejected by many. Let’s look at it this in terms of real numbers I still consider Manny and myself among the overwhelming majority who fear and believe in God’s words. I don’t care if this minority wish to cohabit with their own kind but I cannot agree that they are now the norm of normalcy as the likes of vice ganda and his kind would have it. I also want to express my disgust with Leah Salonga who from nowhere proclaims that animals can also be homosexuals as her way of denigrating Mannys stance. Pray tell Leah where on earth can you find a homosexual pig or dog or even monkey. And there is this senatorial aspirant lawyer who tells Manny to not go beyond being a boxer. If I were Manny I’ll probably asked by what right or prominence does she have to say that. Why if they were to compare their status in the regard of the people not to mention their net worth this lawyer will pale into utter oblivion. Go Manny I am confident your rating will improve further with your fearless stance. Finally I want to relate the reaction of our cleaning lady on hearing that the LGBT will not vote for Manny, she said “e ano!”.

  7. That is the problem of being famous” if I stated that opinion, I bet you nobody will be offended. With Pacquiao, from U.S. to the Philippines, the comment reverberated like wild fire. Advice to Pacquiao, better shut up and just do your boxing and mind you own business. Let God do what is needed. I know what you are thinking but being too open will not do you any good. Remember I am also a Christian, we are on the same page.