‘Don’t restrain me from doing business with China’


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte spent his first full day in China Wednesday, on a state visit that comes as he makes increasing overtures to Beijing while vocally scorning the United States.

Speaking on state-controlled China Central Television News (CCTN), Duterte said no country including the US should “restrain” him from dealing with China, a day after a survey showed that more Filipinos trusted the US than China.

“The basic question of the Filipinos now – I know what’s in their mind – ‘Why is Duterte breaking away from the United States?’ No, I am not breaking away. I just want to be friendly with everybody. You do not constrain, restrain me from doing business with China,” the President said.

“We have always been tied even in matters of armaments and weaponry with the United States. We should not be too constrained to follow the dictates of any other country … Talking of war and violence and the basic question of our relationships with America and with China for that matter, so why should we be afraid? Why should we stick with a certain country?” he added.

The President reiterated that he would no longer allow joint military exercises with the US, the Philippines’ main defense ally and supplier of military hardware.

“Historically we do not import, we do not buy arms from any other country without even looking at the cost, whether it’s more expensive, more compatible with what we have now. And during military exercises, they allow us to use their equipment, their arms, their weaponry, their armaments but after the [war]games they get it back from us. So if there is really an emergency or a sudden … you want to assemble men, their computers, our armaments are simply not compatible. So what’s the use? So what’s the use of going into these useless exercises?” he said.

Duterte’s posture is a stark reversal from the previous administration of Benigno Aquino 3rd, which took Beijing to an international tribunal over its extensive claims in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and won a resounding victory.

Duterte initially took a hard stance on the issue, vowing to ride a jet ski to the disputed Spratly Islands and plant the Philippine flag there.

But his bravado has since softened and he has shown no sign of seeking to enforce the tribunal ruling issued on July 12, which Beijing does not recognize.

On Thursday, Duterte will meet top leaders including President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.

“Only China can help us,” he told the official Xinhua news agency Monday.

‘I’m Chinese’

Asked to explain the Philippines’ pivot toward China, Duterte told CCTN: “Maybe because I’m Chinese, and I believe in sincerity. So I believe in the basic fundamentals of human sincerity.”

He said that the Philippines’ renewal of its ties with China was “the only way to move forward nowadays.”
“I do not think that there’s going to be another cold war,” the President added.

Duterte is in Beijing for a four-day state visit where a number of economic and trade deals are expected to be signed.

The President arrived in Beijing, China on Tuesday night via chartered plane, with flight number PR001.

Duterte is accompanied by a large government delegation composed of Cabinet secretaries and lawmakers, notably House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

Cabinet secretaries and lawmakers are expected to participate in expanded bilateral meetings with Duterte and Xi on Thursday.

The attendance of officials overseeing economic sectors like tourism, infrastructure, agriculture, and trade indicate that economic relations will be a major focus of the trip.

But there’s also a slew of defense and law enforcement officials in the delegation, indicating that national security issues and the fight against illegal drugs will be discussed.

Duterte is the seventh Philippine president to visit China since diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1975.

Ties won’t erode

Also on Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. said closer ties between the Philippines and China won’t mean a weakening of Manila’s relationship with its allies and traditional partners.

“But we will not hesitate to take action to protect the paramount national interests if other countries will look down at us as somebody that will always be subservient to their national interests,” he said during a luncheon for President Duterte’s delegation to Beijing.

Yasay noted that Manila-Beijing ties have moved past a low point during the previous Aquino administration over Philippines decision to bring the dispute in the West Philippine Sea to the UN-backed arbitration tribunal.

“This is a time for celebration. This is a time to be optimistic. This is a time to be confident as we foster mutual trust and confidence with each other,” Yasay said.


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  1. The bases in in the Philippines would have been nice both militarily for the U.S. and economically for the Philippines however, it wont effect the United States that much. If President Dingdong actually goes through with this. The Philippines is the one that will loose. The OFW working in the U.S. and it’s territory’s will be forced to go home and in case you don’t know it is already happening on Guam. The U.S. has rejected 97.9 % of all Filipino application even with the Marine Bases moving here from Okinawa Japan. There will be no more dual citizenship in the U.S. which I did not agree with anyways.The U.S. Embassy won’t leave the Philippines however, I am pretty damn sure it will be very hard to get a U.S. Visa. No more long lines at the embassy. The U.S. has bases in Guam, Japan, Australia (Marine Base There) South Korea, Etc etc. So like I said it wont matter that much. The Philippines got hit by two typhoons. Time to go beg China for some Yuan. He looked like he was very comfortable on Chinese Tv when begging I’m sorry pleading for aid. Remember that movie that was made after the U.S. Bases were forced to leave called Goodbye America. Wow there is a new one called Goodbye Philippine Islands Hello Communist Philippines. Remember it is not Uncle Sam no more bu Chairman or Uncle Mao………………..Good luck. Dont forget to lower those bar fines. Chinese & Russian Military guys cant afford 6000 peso bar fines at Club Miss Universe or the bar fines at Airforce 1……………..LOL


    Actually, relations with China has been there since maybe even before Limahong. A lot of Filipinos have Chinese blood. Chinese immigrants has been here legally and illegally. So much of them became billionaires and many more secret millionaires. Some of them have already returned to their Motherland bringing along their fortune earned in the Philippines. Nothing to fear for now, though we still have to be wary of their real intentions. Take the example of Taiwan. They still prefer to be separated from Mainland China in all aspects. Language is the only common factor they have. Hongkong is still unhappy with the PRC since the handover. The exodus from mainland China to other parts of the world goes on and on. They are even smuggled in container vans. I think there is more than what meets the eye why we are strenghthening tie s with China.Hopefully , it will be all beneficial to the country. Cross your fingers, mga kababayan.

  3. I am Chinese graduate student, very glad for Duterte president coming to China. Neighbor should be good friend, Benigno Aquino III did something with US against China, regrettably. Duterte president is in China, I trust that my motherland–Chnia will help philippine develop trade, investment, production, quality inspection, news, agriculture, tourism, finance, maritime police, drug control, infrastructure construction and so on. congratulations to philippinese , hope to keep friendly with China, and China will help philippine restructure ecomomics and Improve the living.

  4. Big mistake by the DU30 in alienating US and EU. I am a bit shock in the sudden about face of DU30 on US and sudden shift to China. I am putting two and two together and it seems China has found an ally on DU30 and supporters.

  5. Ikaw Dutelte malami ka lang salita. Ayaw mo Amelikano pelo mga anak mo pulo impolted suot. Ikaw ayaw dloga pelo gusto mo bisnes Insik. Eh Insek expolt lang shabu Pilipinas.

  6. 300 years in a convent and 100 years in Hollywood ………has not uprooted the Filipino from being an Asian …… a family member of ASEAN , ….

  7. Thank you! Bravo! Bravo! Relation with US is imposed! Relation with China is just natural!

  8. The president is at it again while in China. No country or person is constraining or restraining him to formalize relationship with China or any country for that matter. Just go on with what you are planning to do and make the most of it. Will see what will happen later.

    • China love friendship and respect with ezch other, based on this, China do be willing to help everyone especially neighbor or developing country

  9. Yonkers, New York
    19 October 2016

    I have to wonder what kind of Orwellian game Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte and his sychopantic Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto Yasay are playing!

    Duterte says one thing, and the next minute Yasay virtually contradicts him.

    Duterte says in effect that he is cutting off all relations with the United States one minute, and the next minute Yasay is contradicting him.

    But plain for all to see is that Duterte’s bizarre “INDEPENDENT” foreign policy is actually ANTI-DEMOCRATIC UNITED STATES and PRO-COMMUNIST CHINA AND RUSSIA!

    Item: Duterte is asking US forces in Mindanao to leave pronto.Item: He says that henceforth he will be buying weapons from China and Russia. Item: He says he will abrogate EDCA. Item: He said that the October 2016 joint US-RP military exercises in the West Philippine Sea [the 33d] are the LAST ONES. Item: Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom he praises to high heaven as “a great President,” has amply rewarded him with a State Visit to Beijing, and there he and his 400-mean Delegation will be discussing LOANS, TRADE, AND INVESTMENTS October 18 through 21.

    With all of these loans, trade and investments which China may be offering Duterte–with heavy strings attached, of course–the Philippines is now completely and irretrievably in the orbit of Communist China, either as another Communist state, or as a VASSAL.


    • Absolutely correct! DU30 has practically put PH into the hands or pockets of China. There needs to be an investigation on his decisions not consulting with his cabinet members, congress and senate.
      It may seem that we will get investments but we will suffer the same fate as Myammar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Why you think these countries are distancing themselves from China? All these countries leaders were BRIBE. Can we not see the game that China is playing!

  10. Richard Caroll on

    It is time for the US to leave the Philippines, and the 4 million Filipinos in the US to leave the US and return to the Philippines. President Duertre’s anti-American rants have caused a riot in front of the US Embassy today. This is the fault of the Duertre administration.
    We only became more involved with the Philippines at their request, and now that Duertre is president he has said he does not want us there.
    Our only concern is the freedom of trade routes through the South China Sea, and that can easily be accomplished by using drone strikes against the artificial islands. and stand off naval vessels using the ERG weapons newly developed by the US.
    The double retaining walls that keep the sea out of these artificial islands are easily destroyed by drone strikes.
    We have no need for bases in the Philippines

    • @Caroll So be it! Leave now! And btw , the 4M Fil-ams, You can have them, they already renounced their Filipino citizenship.

      You said “Our only concern is the freedom of trade routes through the South China Sea”

      -Tell that to the marines. Your primary reason why you are here is the same as why you re in the Middle East—For oil and natural resources, ergo, FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT INTEREST!

    • you are wrong, I trust. you will support “New Deal” in the future accoding to the national fine development

    • Richard it is wrong to say that there is no need for bases in the PH. In terms of logistics and warehousing/placement of military hardware and equipment US still need countries for their bases. We all know that the US wanted to stay in the PH primarily because PH is a strategic location and will be US first line of defense. The bigger question of DU30 and millions of Filipinos why is US not able to state that categorically that it will support PH in its territorial dispute with China but only to defend when PH is attacked. US has not provided more financial assistance and investments to PH the same way it has provided Israel, Egypt, South Korea, Japan and others financial assistance and investments.