• Don’t rush Pacquiao-Mayweather

    Peter Cariño

    Peter Cariño

    (First of two parts)

    After Manny Pacquiao completed a one-sided beating of Brandon Rios in Macau on November 24, there were calls, also from some boxing writers, that a showdown between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather should be in order.

    But judging the recent fights of Pacquiao and Mayweather, I wonder if my countryman has a good chance of beating the flamboyant American. In fact, I fear Pacquiao being rushed into the ring with Mayweather at this point.

    Remember that a month before Pacquiao squared off against Rios, Mayweather did an almost one-sided beating of Canelo Alvarez, a legitimate junior welterweight (154 pounds) who has better ring credentials than Rios.

    Okay I’ll go straight to the point —Pacquiao can’t beat Mayweather at this juncture. Well, I hate stating that. But if there is one thing I do not want to see, it is Pacquiao taking another loss, or being knocked out again.

    At this point, Mayweather has three significant advantages over Pacquiao: chin, defense and power.

    Mayweather’s chin was tested on May 5, 2007, when a still strong Oscar Dela Hoya and him squared off at 154 pounds. While Pacquiao bamboozled Dela Hoya in eight rounds on December 6, 2008, the Dela Hoya Mayweather defeated by a split decision still had legitimate knockout power at 154 pounds, having dispatched Fernando Vargas in the 11th round on September 14, 2002; Luis Ramon Campas in the 7th round on May 3, 2003; and Ricardo Mayorga in the 6th round on May 6, 2005. And these guys definitely were not tomato cans or cream puffs.

    In the Dela Hoya fight, Mayweather in some occasions mixed it up with the Golden Boy but was never in danger of going down. On the other hand, the Dela Hoya Pacquiao stopped was obviously weight-drained at 147 pounds.

    And in his last fight, Mayweather was never in danger against Alvarez, who definitely was no “powder puff” puncher and is still acknowledged as among the best in the 154-pound division.

    When it comes to defense, Pacquiao has never met a boxer with Mayweather’s level of defensive genius. The left shoulder roll of Mayweather could easily nullify Pacquiao’s right jab and hook, which would leave the Filipino to relying on his left cross to defeat Mayweather.

    But a close look at how Pacquiao throws his left cross reveals a glaring weakness: he tends to overextend himself or lunges forward when throwing it. And we all know what happened when he tried to do that against Juan Manuel Marquez in the sixth round of their fourth fight: Pacquiao was knocked out cold after taking a vicious right cross.

    Since Mayweather has a six-inch reach advantage over Pacquiao, he could land his vaunted right hand easier than Marquez did in their last fight. And don’t tell me Mayweather is a slow, plodding fighter.

    And we go to the next department where Mayweather has a significant advantage over Pacquiao: power.

    When was the last time Pacquiao knocked out an opponent? That was on May 2, 2009 against Ricky Hatton at junior welterweight (140 pounds). Pacquiao would register a “stoppage” over Miguel Cotto on November 14, 2009 at 147 pounds, but the Puerto Rican wasn’t knocked out cold—the referee stopped the fight (see the difference?).

    On the other hand, Mayweather deposited a feisty Victor Ortiz to the canvass in the fourth round on September 17, 2011. While Mayweather was chastised for sneaking in a few punches after a clinch break, it was obvious that Mayweather can still deck a tough welterweight. The Ortiz fight also demonstrated that Mayweather could deal with a southpaw like Pacquiao.

    For those who don’t now Ortiz, just check out his fight against a then undefeated Andre Berto on April 16, 2011.

    The Ortiz-Berto fight saw Berto go down in round one, Ortiz in round two, and both fighters in round six. And I thought before the Mayweather-Ortiz fight that Ortiz would be able to “test” the American. I was disappointed!


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    1. In the past, Mayweather fought Jesus Chavez. Watch that fight and imagine Mayweather fighting a much quicker and a southpaw Pacquiao against Mayweather instead of Chavez. Only then you will understand why Mayweather and his managers are afraid of the Pacman. Our Pacquiao is a southpaw, fast, powerful puncher, agile and on fight night – very hostile. bahala na—–It’s time to fight Mayweather. It is now or never and win , lose or draw OUR Mannyt Pacquiaon will be in the Hall of Fame.

    2. Mayweather is just waiting for Manny to get older and slower before he agrees to fight him. In my humble opinion, it is time to fight Mayweather. Manny will be in the Hall of Fame. If Mayweather does not fight Pacman – Mayweather will be in the Hall of Shame.

    3. Marquez knockout is just lucky punch in the last 6 seconds, if Pacman not so aggressive but used his brains like Mayweather, did dancing and running away, Pacman leading on both punches and scoring cards, so it’s just an error by, Pacman then about the Bradley fight is a big serious joke robbing Pacman whose a clear winner. Mr. Carino please be an observant not a critic. Pacman can be at his best if he is not bara,bara bay.

    4. I had a good laugh on this column.

      Few points:

      1. Floyd’s shoulder roll isn’t effective to southpaw, fast and voluminous puncher like Pacquiao, not mentioning Manny’s awkward angle. Mr. Carino should watch Mayweather-Zab Judah’s fight and MUST SEE how effective was Floyd’s Shoulder roll. Pacquiao, unlike Judah, is not a 6th rounder boxer.

      2. Floyd KOed Ortiz. Funny how he mentioned Berto, another weak-hearted boxer, but didn’t mentioned Ortiz quitting on his stool againts Josesito Lopez (Ortiz was actually winning points in the fight). Ortiz had a broken jaw in the 10th round, two more rounds to go but he chose to stay in his stool. Muhammad Ali, with a broken jaw fought Norton and won.

      Ortiz also said quit against Marcos Maidana. If he quit against the brawler what more against the superior boxer named Floyd whom he Victor knew had no chance hurting him.

      3. Mayweather-Dela Hoya happened in 2007 and the columnist cited a fight in 2002, 03 and 05. And saying that Vargas and Mayorga aren’t pushover is hilarious (better check their resume).

      I wish that the next time Mr. Carino writes a column he should check his facts. You just don’t write your opinion but as a columnist you should also educate your readers.

    5. Mr. Carino’s analysis has a pretty good number of obvious, glaring errors. For example (one among such errors), citing Mayweather’s knockout of an unprotected, inattentive Ortiz who was looking at the referee when Mayweather sucker-punched him is a good example of this rather naive look at Mayweather’s so-called “power”… Remember that other than the sucker-punched Ortiz, Mayweather hasn’t knocked out anyone since 2007.

    6. Do your homework first Mr. Carino. The fight should have been done already a long time ago had the Mayweathers (Sr, Roger and Jr) not seen something in Paquiao’ s style that really worried them. You know that Pac beat Bradley, he gets careless and stepped on the foot per Roach against bloodied, broken-nosed JMM. As far as power, you are wrong again. The Ortiz ko is blatant cheating, need 1-2 punch against defenseles, stupid Ortiz. Do you know why Floyd only fight in Las Vegas. It is only in LV that xylocaine is allowed. Floyd used xylocaine because he has problem with his hand. Please do your research first.