Don’t yield to US pressure, Venezuela’s Maduro tells Caribbean leaders


HAVANA: Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday accused the United States of exerting “brutal pressure” on nations in the region to isolate his country, already battered by an economic crisis and domestic political upheaval. At a regional summit of Caribbean countries gathered in Havana, Maduro urged his counterparts “not to give in to the immense pressure from Washington” against his country. “Venezuela is not going to give in, we will fight,” he declared on the margins of the summit. Maduro also denounced the Organization of American States (OAS) as complicit in seeking to isolate him. Venezuela’s opposition-controlled legislature has asked the OAS to assess whether the Maduro government has violated standards. Maduro, in turn, has called for a demonstration against the OAS over what he labels as meddling in Venezuela’s political crisis. Under the OAS Charter, the Permanent Council can suspend Venezuela’s membership with a two-thirds vote, on the grounds of preserving democracy.


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