• DOST makes Valley Fault Atlas available online


    The Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (DOST-Phivolcs) is making available online for free the Valley Fault System (VFS) Atlas, which is a handbook of large scale maps showing in detail areas traversed by the Valley Fault System. The VFS is an active fault system composed of two fault segments: the 10-kilometer long East Valley Fault (EVF) in Rizal; and the 100-kilometer long West Valley Fault (WVF) that runs through different cities and towns of Bulacan, Rizal, Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna. The WVF can generate a large earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 or commonly known as “The Big One” that poses a threat to people, livelihood, buildings and infrastructures. “Since information on geological hazards is very important for disaster planning, we have been giving free copies of the VFS Atlas in CD form to different stakeholders upon request at the DOST-Phivolcs Main Office,” Science Secretary Mario Montejo said.


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    1. Tomas Morato' Lazatin on

      As a piece of information, that’s good news. But even better is to show the VFS picture. I for one want to see the picture of the area where I live. I don’t think I can appreciate the details of the map. But a picture of Metro-Manila and surrounding provinces will be good to know in preparation for a large scale disaster. When it hits, where do I go? Do I head east, west, north or south? I have to assume that typical landmarks will not be recognizable. So, a general idea of where to head is good to know. A digitized map will be very useful especially when a large number of our population carry smart phones. Go one step further. Reach not only the captains of the community but up to individuals of communities. Are you sure the captains are capable? Totally 100% sure? And if more heads are better than one, more knowledgeable heads are better with more information. Right?

    2. Tatamaan yata mga project ng rockwell dun sa area at yun sinasabi na 35 hectare na development ng alaya at rosinbon.