DOT to beautify airport roads in Western Visayas


For a Director of Tourism I think you’ve missed some of the things that are more critically important than planting ‘pretty, colourful’ flowers along the roads to the various airports. How about you start pressuring people in Government to provide a reliable, sufficient and potable water system in Iloilo and and its surroundings. Or, how about you use your influence to clean up the traffic mess which typifies Iloilo and Region. Or, how about you develop a proper tourism infrastructure in the region—providing proper sightseeing facilities such as a Gray Line operation would provide, proper receptive services at the airport and other ports of entry (get rid of the ‘barkers’ who needlessly hassle passengers and guests arriving at the airport). Or, provide proper transit/transfer services between downtown’s major hotels and the airport. Or, clean up the major roads leading to the airport—may them look a lot better than they do now . . . now, it looks like you’re driving into a slum. Then maybe you will be able to build a solid tourism base and be able to attract more people to visit our region.

Fergus JM Ducharme,


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