• DOTC chief should quit – Binay camp


    The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay on Sunday asked Transportation Secretary Emilio Abaya to resign from his post for hiring four different companies to do maintenance work for Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3.

    Rico Quicho, spokesman on political affairs for Binay, said the latest MRT 3 scandal involving the hiring of the four different companies for the six-month renewable contracts to do different parts of the maintenance work “will not ensure commuters’ safety.”

    “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that you don’t give short-term contracts to four different entities to handle a complex process,” Quicho added in a statement.

    He claimed that Abaya appeared blinded by pride and seems incapable of understanding the MRT 3 problem.

    “As you have already hinted that we provide a solution to the issue, the best advice we can give is for you to resign, Secretary Abaya, and leave the problem to competent people who are better suited to the job,” Quicho said.

    “It is clear that your performance, including your predecessor’s, Secretary [Manuel] Mar Roxas [2nd], proves that no amount of excessive foreign schooling can guarantee competence in public service,” he added.

    Quicho maintained that Abaya’s solution to the MRT 3 problem is a “failure.”

    “The correct action is to give the maintenance contract back to Sumitomo and Mitsubishi who have proven their ability to do the job. No search for the cheapest company, or one owned by party mates from the LP [Liberal Party]. Just choose the proven and competent company. And do it fast,” he said.

    “Accidents have happened, and just recently, two trains stopped during rush hour. Do we wait for something worse to happen?” Quicho asked.

    In his version of State of the Nation Address, Binay said the reason behind the MRT 3 mess is the cancelation of a successful, working contract.

    The Vice President said this paved the way for an untested newcomer, PH Trams, headed by Mario de la Cruz, a top LP fund-raiser, and Arturo Soriano, an uncle-in-law of former MRT 3 General Manager Al Vitangcol, former IT consultant to former Transportation chief and now Interior Secretary Roxas.

    “A leader, such as a Cabinet secretary, should find creative solutions to any major obstacle, regardless of legal and other types of bottlenecks. Patience, determination, executive experience in looking for a reasonable compromise and having the interest of the public as a primordial concern will enable us to address huge problems such as the MRT 3 at the soonest,” Quicho said.


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    1. Itong ungas na itong Nognog wla nang ginawa kung hindi sabihin mag-quit lahat mga tao sa Govt..Bakit yong pamilya nito hindi yon ang mag-quit…at sagutin lahat ang mga kulimbat charges? Wla nang naitulong ito sa bayan..mga sarili lang inatupag pag-payaman gal;ing sa kaban ng bayan…mga demoyo itong pamilyang ito, dapat sila ang tinatamaan ng super typhon at kidlat…