DOTC scam next on Luy’s list

Benhur Luy

Benhur Luy

THE camp of Benhur Luy and the other witnesses in the pork barrel scam are sifting through voluminous documents that could be used as evidence to pin down Janet Lim-Napoles on the P407-million “ghost” computer project at the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) a decade ago.

Luy’s lawyer, Raji Mendoza, said they are scrutinizing each document related to the anomaly, which happened during the time of then-DOTC Secretary Leandro Mendoza.

“Napoles was a principal in the DOTC computer deal where she used Jo Chris Trading to supply the computers that never came,” Mendoza (no relation to the then-DOTC chief) told The Manila Times.

He said they will also submit soon Luy’s affidavit on the fertilizer fund scam where Napoles was also a principal accused.

“We’re doing both at the same time. We are now busy with the DOTC anomaly,” Mendoza said.

Earlier this month, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said she would have the questionable DOTC project investigated and that charges will be filed against those involved.

Mendoza said Jo Chris Trading cornered the P407-million contract for the distribution of computers and other communication equipment to local governments picked by lawmakers from 2002 to 2003.

The project, it was learned, was awarded to the company without the benefit of public bidding. Witnesses said not a single item was delivered, raising suspicion that the money was used only for election purposes.

Mendoza said the Commission on Audit (COA) dragged its feet in investigating the reported anomalies.

In the past, several lawmakers also took a swipe at COA auditors for their slow action on several complaints. For one, Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga claimed that these anomalies would not have happened without the connivance of COA auditors.

“COA Chairman [Grace Pulido] Tan has been very vocal about the pork barrel scam yet no COA auditor has been mentioned in the pork barrel issue,” Barzaga said in a previous interview.

It was alleged that the DOTC and fertilizer fund scams were “test schemes” that led to the multibillion-peso priority development assistance fund scandal.


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  1. mikhail hieronymus on

    It is a hope that will never come to fruition. Those involved and guilty will never see the four walls of the court because the power that be will make it sure that all cases will have a natural death. Such is the fate of the Pilipino people. It has been this way since time immemorial, and there is no sign that it will improve today or in the future. Sad indeed!!!!

  2. Hopefully, these numerous scams will end up soon. That whoever are guilty will be punish accordingly. But the slow pace of justice which until now haven’t convicted yet of anybody is dragging whatever modest accomplishment PHL economy has. Because in PHL these so called people in the government who suppose to be planner, manager and leader of the people are engage in lengthy process of finding the guilty, eroding further the trust and confidence of the people of the laws. In return it is a never ending process of corruption and mismanagement. “Hindi pa tapos, meron nanaman”. It become vicious cycle. In some countries politician (congressman, mayor, etc.) jailed; billionaires hanged to death. There is speedy resolution. Laws are not selective. Senators, congressman doesn’t dip their hands into the affairs of the state, let local and national executives do their stuff and duties. Really! where is PHL heading into, instead of moving forward where are mired into mediocrity and spiraling down to pre-modern history like wild west of American history. In fact, even during those time there are swift justice (the bad thing is may not be justice at all) same thing what is happening in PHL. a modern day “wild wild west”

  3. Migs Doromal on


    DOTC computer anomaly…. fertilizer scam?

    Hold on folks! The Pork Barrel Scam probe/show is being segued into another GMA teledrama.


  4. Julian Aguila on

    Baka puro headline lang itong pinag-gagawa sa Pinas. Hanggang ngayon wala pang nangyayari. Nagsasawa na kami todits. Simulan na ang trial. Atat na atat na kami. Kakainip na yang headline na yan. Dapat mayroon nang magdusa

  5. mauricio palao on

    Ben Hur Luy has morphed into an indefatigable crime fact, the government’s default graft buster. I just hope that the government officers in charge of investigating and prosecuting crime can keep up with him. The PDAF and MALAMPAYA were, together, already a mouthful. With the DOTC’s ‘ghost deliveries’ and the ‘fertilizer’ scams now..and the government still unable to identify who among them are involved..the pace has become a cause for concern. Napoles, with the connivance of certain characters in ‘officialdom’ has become a plague to the country. Let’s hope that the DOJ, the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan are up to the task.

    • Aw, dont worry man. DOJ, OMBUDSMAN & Sandigbayan are up to the task. They have had the three stoogies in their hands long before Napoles start to sing. The old lady will file the case to Sandigbayan just let her enjoy her little vacation in the States in guise of attending a seminar. They are really up to the task of prosecuting and judging them all opposition. Really.

    • Jessie Corrales on

      this Luy fellow is an outright crook. He wanted his own operation but JLN refused and so they fought, thus exposed. Greed is what drove Luy. I say jail the SOaB.