• DOTC tackles tanim-bala scam


    Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya will discuss the tanim-bala (bullet planting) scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) with officials of various agencies today.

    In a radio interview, Abaya said the meeting aims to consolidate all information from concerned agencies and the result of an investigation by airport officials and submit this to President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Several passengers have fallen victim to the tanim-bala scam, the latest of whom was a woman who was to fly to Singapore. The mysterious discovery of bullets in the luggage of passengers have become rampant in recent weeks, with many of the victims claiming that these were planted.

    Over the weekend, a Manila-bound passenger was also held at the Davao International Airport after live 9mm bullets were found in his luggage. 



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    1. Repeal the law that bans bullets from the planes because a bullet alone cannot harm anyone much less the plane unless there is a devise or a gun to fire it. This particular regulation is being used by airport personnel to extort money from passengers.

      By the way, from what I have been hearing about Sec. Abaya, I believe he is incompetent and should be replaced by someone with balls like Déterte or Lacson.

    2. The syndicate people from the airport, were victimizing mostly aged 50 years old and above. Really, this is well planned and set up.. From my point of view, first time in my life heard this incident happen since i worked as Overseas Filipino Workers after EDSA 1. Only in this Pnoy Aquino administration happened as well as the opening of balikbayan boxes.
      this is done intentionally in their good faith. Who ordered this things at the aiport. ???
      For what reason we will bring bullet in our bag????? ano ang logic ninyo…mga taga airport. Anong mahihita namin sa bala at para saan ito?? wala nmn kaming hilig sa baril…lalo na kaming mga OFW??? kayo lang na mga pulis ang may bala at hindi kami na sibilyan…take note..

    3. Gloria B. Wilhelm on

      I SEE RED! The anguish that these victims went through. I want to use the bullets and shoot these lowest of the low. VERMIN!!!! Throw them the book when caught.

    4. Hi,
      Can anyone provide recommendations on how individual passengers can protect themselves from this scam? My 76 year old Mother is coming here next month. If this was to happen to her she wouldn’t know what to do. To mitigate this we’ve now booked her flight via Hong Kong where we will meet her and travel with her here although her return via Hong Kong she’ll be travelling on her own. Pal’s loss is Emirates gain.