DOTr may ban private cars from Edsa


The Department of Transportation is considering banning private cars from EDSA during rush hours to ease traffic jams.

Transportation Undersecretary Ameli Lontoc bared the plan when she and officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways briefed the House Metro Manila panel led by Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo on the departments’ priority plans and projects in Metro Manila.

Lontoc said there are 1.3 million commuters who pass through EDSA during rush hours, outnumbering the 11,800 motorists who also use the highway.

“We are looking at implementing such measure so as to speed up the travel time for those using public transportation. There are a lot of private vehicles, and their number is still increasing,” Lontoc said.

Malabon Rep. Ricky Sandoval had earlier proposed that private cars should not be allowed to use EDSA from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“I would say it’s the private cars that are causing traffic. A lot of workers do not own cars. They leave early, and then they have to contend with the rains while they queue…waiting for the bus going to their office,” Sandoval pointed out.

“Meanwhile, those who own cars can leave whenever they want and they will still reach their destination on time. The DOTr should move people, not vehicles,” he added. Llanesca T. Panti


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  1. No “cure-all” solution to traffic in MM. Perhaps, we need to address the basics first. It’s said we lack infra: then CLEAR ALL STREETS OF PARKED VEHICLES. Roads are definitely not for parking; ENFORCE TRAFFIC RULES WITHOUT MERCY, except for medical emergency. When sustained & done religiously, then maybe; just maybe, rationalizing the time when private vehicles will be allowed to use EDSA may find support.

  2. Ban all types of vehiches on EDSA including buses and replace them with hop-on-hop-off type of buses similar to Hong Kong and open up govt property along EDSA for parking

  3. This plan is completely against the freedom of movement. Why punished the motorist for the unconcerned attitude of the government by not implementing or alleviating the congestion of EDSA. The DOT should learned from other countries in solving or easing the miserable scene in EDSA. If supposed separating the motorist from the public utilities by constructing a dedicated parkway and common highway. Owing a car is no longer a luxury but necessity nowadays for anyone’s livelihood. The creation of bus terminal coming from both direction is admirable and the users will be pickup by dedicated bus from point A to point B by not stopping in between points. It can also be augmented by subway and uv express plying along the thoroughfare and the latter traversing EDSA. This scheme will benefits everyone using EDSA to make a living.

  4. Move people, not vehicles????? Then your department should be called department of moving people!!!!! Transportation obviously refers to the means of trnsport…..vehicles!

  5. If they’re gonna ban private cars on EDSA during rush hours, they should also ban all Taxis (including Uber and Grab) to be fair to all. Because those Taxis will be travelling just like those private cars, since these are not mass transports. Otherwise, those Taxis will just travel back & forth along EDSA during rush hours more frequently than the private cars per day.

    Now what about those car owners who drives from home to EDSA, where do they leave their vehicles so that they could take the mass transport along EDSA? Or did the gov’t provided additional mass transport for them to commute from home to EDSA, so that they could take the EDSA mass transport? I suppose they didn’t have any of these plans before banning them on EDSA.