THE Office of the Ombudsman dismissed from service Assistant Regional Director Daniel Domingo of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) -Cordillera Administrative Region for corruption and extortion. Domingo was also disqualified to hold public office and his retirement benefits forfeited. Domingo was found guilty of violating the Code of Conduct for public officials for allegedly demanding and receiving money from Camia Construction in connection with the projects awarded by the DPWH.
    Reina Tolentino


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    1. mark anthony chosen on

      Why was engr. domingo not criminally charged if he is guilty of extortion as cited by the ombudsman. It seems the ombudsman dismissed engr. domingo administratively for purposes of improving their deteriorating image, as they can do so even without basis or legally acceptable evidence. The ombudsman decides on administrative cases based merely on their own intuition, impression, perception and personal belief, even without any legal basis. Ms. Fawas did not complain at all to the ombudsman, and as a matter of fact she retracted her similar complaint sent to the DPWH Legal Service which had earlier dismissed the case. It was Mr. Juniper Dominguez of Sabangan, Mountain Province who took a copy of the complaint of Ms. Fawas and sent it to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman decided and believed Mr. Dominguez. The Ombudsman never conducted any hearing and did not bother to summon Ms. Jocelyn Fawas or even Mr. Vito Loyon for questioning. They simply quoted the statement of Mr. Dominguez who is an ex-convict, where they based their conclusion/decision. Im sure the Court of Appeal will reverse the Ombudsman’s decision as usual.