• DPWH causes traffic & flooding


    The next time you get stuck in traffic or wade in knee deep flood waters in Metro Manila, blame the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for its dozen of road repairs and unfinished drainage projects in the metropolis.

    While these repairs are needed to better our roads and the city’s drainage system, the DPWH is taking its sweet little time to finish these fast.

    Many wonder why Secretary Rogelio Singson also allowed these repairs and construction projects to be done all at the same time.

    The end result . . . nerve wracking traffic jams every day and treacherous floodwaters even if it just drizzles.

    It behooves Singson to get out of his airconditoned office and check his department’s performance every day before the public runs out of patience.

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    Sec. Mar should clean Napolcom next

    Why am I not surprised by the sudden rise of rogue cops in the Philippine National Police (PNP) these days?

    The recruitment by the National Police Commission (Napolcom) had become so laxed that almost anyone can easily join the police services compliments of the “padrino system” and heavy bribery within the agency.

    Worse, dismissed cops get reinstated by the Napolcom reportedly for hefty sums of money.

    Unscrupulous members of the PNP are aware they can come back to service if they get dismissed by their superiors for grave offenses.

    My source within the PNP said Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, who is also the chairman of Napolcom, should start purging the ranks at the adjudication board of the commission.

    The adjudication board reviews the appeals of these dismissed crooked law enforcers, and has the say on whether the crooks are forever terminated from the service or get a second chance.

    A jeweler friend, who fell victim to two hold-up cops in 2004, claims the adjudication board of Napolcom reinstated the cops who held him up despite overwhelming evidence and the order for outright dismissal by the PNP chief back then.

    Roxas would do a great service to the victims of rogue cops by revamping the Napolcom, particularly its adjudication board.

    No wonder some see the Napolcom as the protector of wayward cops.



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    1. Well these observations a very valid.

      Out side of our house are workmen –Very industriously putting in a new drainage system –They work well into the night —

      To avoid the heat of the day” Good thinking ! ” I say to myself

      When i look out again they are gone–Gone for almost a week–with the drainage system , just covered by bags and not connected in any way..

      Of course then the rains come down–WE were flooded at the bottom of our house.

      Where is the co-ordination and supervision?–I ask myself .

      Why are there at almost every street corner rd works going on –and huge pipes still waiting to be laid.

      This has been going on for months –Meanwhile the cyclones are not going to wait until we are ready with this drainage system.

      Yes indeed i agree with the writer we should be asking questions of those who are responsible .

      I remain yours
      D Meyer PhD (Psych]