• DPWH orders 24/7 work on key projects


    PUBLIC Works Secretary Mark Villar on Thursday ordered round-the-clock work on key construction projects in Metro Manila and other urban centers nationwide to help ease daily traffic jams in major thoroughfares.

    “We have a traffic crisis we intend to solve in the next two to three years. The Philippines has had an infrastructure deficit in the last four decades. There is a clamor not only to address the deficiencies but also to propose an infrastructure program that would eventually ease traffic in our major urban centers,” Villar said in a statement.

    Villar, who quit as Las Piñas congressman to join the Duterte Cabinet, issued marching orders to public works contractors and warned that non-compliance would be dealt with accordingly.

    “Mechanisms will soon be in place to ensure that projects are built on time,” he said.

    Villar said he did not want to hear repeated complaints of unfinished and slow implementation of public works projects in Metro Manila and elsewhere in country.

    “We will implement a three-strike policy. First offense is warning, second offense is suspension and third offense is blacklisting,” he said. “We want to show to contractors that we are serious about it.”

    Also a target of Villar’s changes are contractors who do not comply with safety and traffic management requirements, which, the DPWH chief said, are part of a contractor’s obligation.

    In Metro Manila, four projects are undertaken 24/7—the Mandaluyong Main Drainage Project, the road widening and drainage improvement on Quezon Avenue and on Mother Ignacia Street, and the drainage improvement along EDSA from White Plains to Main Avenue.

    Major urban centers in the Visayas and Mindanao have also implemented the same policy on high-impact projects situated in areas with high population density.

    The DPWH will use one-day or fast-drying concrete for projects on EDSA and other major thoroughfares, Villar said.



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    1. Paging Sec. Mark Villar, please look into the long delayed DPWH project at Katipunan Extension, Boundary of Marikina LGV-Q.C. Balara it is the cause of heavy traffic. The connecting bridge works could have been finished in a week but it has been pending for three months now. Why? Contrary to the sign “MEN WORKING” there are none doing any work. The bridge did not need repair/renovation in the first place, before the DPWH interfered with it. The bridge was serviceable, solid and stable, yet the contractor demolished half of it for no good reason, except we suspect to EXTEND SCOPE OF WORKS OF THE PROJECT which is the usual scam in gov’t public works. Now they are unable to finish what they started, even though the bridge is only 5 meters long, shall we call Guiness to report the worlds slowest public works road project, that’s 1 meter of progress per month.

      Please fine the contractor and crack the whip on the public works people!