• DQ cases hurt Duterte’s Palace run–Cayetano


    SENATOR Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday admitted that pending disqualification cases filed against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is affecting the latter’s candidacy particularly in getting full support of local officials.

    Cayetano, the chosen running mate of Duterte, said some local officials are having second thoughts in giving their full support to the Davao City mayor because of supposed uncertainties brought by the disqualification cases he is facing.

    Duterte, the standard-bearer of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), is facing four disqualification cases at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) filed separately by Ruben Castor, radioman Rizalito David, University of the Philippines student JP Delas Nievas and perennial presidential aspirant and a self-proclaimed general of the US Armed Forces in the Far East Ely Pamatong.

    The petitioners are asking the validity of Duterte’s substitution of Martin Dino, who recently withdrew his certificate of candidacy as PDP-Laban’s standard-bearer because the latter’s COC is for mayor of Pasay City (Metro Manila), not for President of the Philippines.

    They want the poll body to cancel the COC of Duterte and declare his substitution of Diño as null and void.

    “It will be hypocrisy if we will say that we are not talking about [the disqualification case]or if people are not asking about [them]. It affects our candidacy on the local level,” Cayetano admitted.

    The senator said many local officials want to support Duterte’s candidacy but there are some who have been asking when the disqualification cases will be settled.

    But Cayetano added that they are confident that the cases will not prosper and that the Comelec will allow Duterte to run, noting that the mayor’s cases are different from those of independent presidential candidate Grace Poe.

    The Comelec on December 23 ruled to cancel Poe’s COC for her supposed failure to meet the 10-year residency and citizenship requirement for President.


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    1. Dapat Di na DQ si Duterte kasi siya lang ang may kakayahan bagohin ang ating bansa.

    2. Duterte COC dserving because for our good specially to the good person and the bad person will go to jail.

    3. Yan ang tunay na pagbabago. Matapang na solusyon, mabilis na aksyon! Kaya Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano!!

    4. we want change,and we want Mayor to become our President,let him run on this coming Presidential election

    5. They really deserve to run for the pres and vice pres positions. And we all know that. Other candidates are threaten by this two. So stop making issues.

    6. I am not a supporter of mayor Duterte, but his case is different from those of Senator Grace Poe, the latter case involved a constitutional provision while the first is merely clerical oversight which can be explained and corrected.mayor Duterte also have proven executive ability as a mayor of Davao city and he offers an alternative platform of government which is different from other presidential aspirants

    7. The Duterte should not be disqualfied if so then the robbed not just Duterte but also the filipino people of their right of choice.

      Give us a choice this coming 2016.

      I’d be praying that the Mayor will not be disqualified and Comelec should be as just and fair.

    8. Duterte was never serious to run for a higher office. It seems that he is just being forced to do it . This may not be good for the country . He will not perform well as expected of him. He will always have an excuse for failures because his heart is not there to lead .

      Let him GO!

    9. If Duterte really intend to run for the Philippine presidency, he should have filed a certificate of candidacy. He however said numerous times that he is not running for president.

      Now, he wants to be substituted with Mr. Dino whose COC states he is running for mayor of Pasay City. If, Mr. Duterte is running for mayor of Pasay City, then his name can be substituted.

      The Comelec should not allow Duterte to run for the Philippine presidency.

      • you are confuse! Check COMELEC LAW… IT IS A PREROGATIVE OF EVERY REGISTERED “POLITICAL PARTY” TO CHOOSE THEIR STANDARD BEARER before December 10. With or Without Dino! You should know that… don’t be nuisance like pamatong and david :) pa epal lang sila…

      • Wrong argument. An intention to run as you mentioned is not one of the requirements to run for President. Anybody can change his mind. It is the people who are pushing him to run. Anybody as long as it meets requirements via direct filing or through substition can file COC for President. Dino filled-up COC for President as indicated in the COC. The clerical error inside his COC can be corrected because COC for Mayor will not be accepted at Comelec Intramuros. All COC for local position like Mayor will be filed at the locality. The fact that Comelec accepted his COC, that means it is valid and acceptable. Dino cannot be ruled out as nuisance candidate because he filed his COC under PDP Laban, a political party registered in Comelec, therefore he cannot be considered nuisance because he belongs to an accredited political party. It is the political party’s responsibility to fund his campaign. Since substitution is allowed, he withdrew his candidacy before he was ruled as nuisance candidate. And the fact that Comelec accepted COC of Duterte as substitute, that supercedes Dino’s clerical error on COC.