• Dr. ZO’s quest for skin perfection


    Dr. Zein Obagi (second from right) with ZO brand ambassadors (from left) Belo Essentials managing director and Sexy Solutions owner Cristalle Belo Henares, Philippine National Red Cross national governor Joanne Zapanta-Andrada and Hayden Fragrances founder Hayden Kho

    For world-renowned skin health expert, Dr. Zein Obagi, the quest for beauty is not just a profession but a lifelong passion and continuing mission that needs to constantly evolve with the changing times.

    Dr. Obagi’s journey into skin health began 35 years ago and today, as the Medical Director of ZO Skin Health Inc., his energy and enthusiasm for healthy skin is as strong as it was then.

    “Skin health science, like any other science, is not static,” explained Dr. Obagi. “Therefore, the need for improvement, expansion and continuous adjustment is not only essential, but also necessary in obtaining optimal treatment results.

    “There is one core principle that drives everything for me—and that is, when treating skin disease, you have to do it within the context of skin health restoration. You can’t just focus on the disease because the results will be limited and short-lived,” he added.

    For Dr. Obagi, the three skin health restoration principles are Correction (improve the epidermis); Stimulation (improve the dermis); and Bleaching and Blending (correct pigmen-tation problems).

    “So when targeting a particular disease, say for example acne, you want to target that disease within the larger skin health system. First Correction, then Acne Agents, then Stimulation, and then Bleaching and Blending,” Dr. Obagi explained.

    Everyone envies the soft, smooth and firm skin of babies, but in this day and age when we often take coffee and stress for breakfast, trying to have such an ideal skin seems too far-fetched.

    Nevertheless, it is this vision of skin perfection that ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical systems—the two new skin health restoration systems created by world-renowned skin health guru—wish to achieve.

    ZO products are not ordinary skin care products. These are products backed by innovatory and uncompromising research, founded on Dr. Zein Obagi’s skin health philosophies. ZO identified new bio-engineered complexes and utilized stem cell components with antioxidants to create unique formulations in multi-therapy delivery systems that have not been available until now.

    To date, more than 30 products have been released, each categorized into the maintenance line called ZO Skin Health System, and the stronger, more aggressive corrective and repair line called the ZO Medical System. These products and protocols provide dermatologists the complete set of “armaments” that help them combat a wide range of skin disorders, fight signs of skin aging, and provide continuous skin health for all skin types, gender and ages.

    Dr. Obagi recently returned to Manila to reinforce his new thinking and philosophies on the management of skin health by holding a skin health symposium with hundreds of Filipino dermatologists using ZO for their patients. His visit was rounded off with a grand banquet at the Raffles Hotel Makati, the highlight of which was the parade of the four renowned personalities chosen to represent ZO for what it stands for: extraordinary, fights imperfections hard, the right choice hard, and the solution to skin perfection.

    Cristalle Belo-Henares, the moving force behind Belo Essentials and Sexy Solutions Inc, is the embodiment of extraordinary. Free-spirited, versatile, fun-loving and very passionate, Cristalle is one of those rare individuals who inspires everyone around her without her even trying.

    Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., represents ZO for the determination and courage he has and continues to show as he battles the effects of his past. He leads ZO Skin Health Philippines and runs his own fragrance business called “Hayden Fragrances.”

    Joanne Zapanta-Andrada’s main desire is to strive higher and improve everything according to her ideals. She serves as the current National Governor of the Philippine National Red Cross, the current head of the Psychological Center for Sexually Abused Children, and is actively involved in national feeding programs and livelihood programs for impoverished women. When it comes to the skin health, Joanne says “there is nothing more serious and more effective than ZO. ZO is the right choice.”

    ZO’s main ambassadress of beauty, Zsa Zsa Padilla, believes harmony is proof that perfection is possible. How she brings her voice and music to that level of perfection is an inspiration. For the skin, Zsa Zsa believes it start with Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical Systems.

    ZO Skin Health Systems and ZO Medical Systems are prescribed by top dermato-logists nationwide.

    For more information, visit our website at www.zoskinhealth.com.ph or call us at 810-1366 or 0999-8857290.


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