Dress up your home too


Now that the rainy months are here, you end up spending more time in your home. But if your home is a bit of a bore, you might just have a problem. Maybe it’s time for an update. None of the costly renovations mind you, but a little accent here and there.

So, to add a little laughter into your home and give it the rainy-day spruce up it needs, with the following tips courtesy of UK brand Debenhams:

220130718Wall clocks
They say, “time is gold,” not cheap plastic, so when buying wall clocks, at least go for design value, quality materials and make. Take for example a Retro Dairy Ice Cream Tin Clock by Jones, which is a vintage-inspired convex tin clock sure to add a hint of sweetness in your kitchen.

Throw pillows1420130718
With their punchy graphics, in your face statements, and street-borne designs, designer Ben De Lisi’s throw pillows are just the right amount of radical to bring in any fun home. From the bold, red “Shut Up and Sit Down” slogan pillow, to the interchangeable “Welcome We’re Open/Sorry We’re Closed,” these pillows bring the outside in, with a little more quirk and a lot more excitement.

In this day and age of Instagram, nothing beats a real picture—especially if it’s well-framed. Rocha John Rocha opted to make a soft craft such as crochet turn into metal, blue metal, to be exact, and came up with the Blue Metal Crochet Effect Picture Frame. Perfect for your “Outfit of the Day” pictures!

Let’s face it; women look in the mirror at least 20 times in one day. If there are more mirrors in the house, surely the numbers will be a lot more. Just who can resist the Large Silver Peacock Motif Hanging Mirror by Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson? With an elegant peacock design with blooming yellow English roses set in black, this hanging mirror echoes the vainglorious days of the Victorian, yet with a modern shape that is so very now.

Accent bowls are an excellent way to add a splash of color in any space. Still at his crochet inspiration, Rocha John Rocha creates the Red Metal Crochet Effect Bowl. With a smooth glazed finish, the bowl is a perfect addition in any tabletop that is needy for some fun company.

If you are the type of person who treats your bathroom as your second home, the least you can do is keep the place interesting. Not to worry, with some key pieces, your bathroom will feel brand new in no time. Like polka-dotted towels on the towel rack. Known to be a symbol of luck and prosperity, you wouldn’t mind taking these Ashley Thomas soft cotton light pink/light green polka-dotted towels to bath, now would you?

1720130718Bed Linens
They say a person’s quality of sleep dictates his mood for the following day. If that’s the case, are you in the mood for colorful beddings? Have you ever slept in a bed of poppies, quite literally? The Orissa by Rocha John Rocha will make it possible, with a white cotton design exploding with different colored poppies.


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