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Actress, blogger, and stylist take on the challenge of fashioning the ‘men of the millenia’
There is no lack of stylish options for men in this industry despite deemed to be dedicated to the caprices of fashionable ladies.

To prove this fact, actress Cristine Reyes, fashion and lifestyle blogger Vina Guerrero, and young style guru Kara Gozali took it upon themselves to dress the men in their lives – Ali Khatibi, David Guison, and Mark Agas, respectively – with the challenge of transforming them into “men of the millennia” with the help of Perry Ellis’ newest collection.

Ali Khatibi and Cristine Reyes (inset)

Ali Khatibi and Cristine Reyes (inset)

Cristine Reyes for Ali Khatibi: Dress to impress
Filipino-Iranian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Ali Khatibi feels most at ease in his dressed down “uniform” of jeans and a T-shirt, or in his fighting gear.

Taking piece from the men’s clothing line that will still give him the same comfort, while elevating the casual look, Reyes is ecstatic to have her hubby don a more polished look: Trim khaki pants and a dark navy long-sleeved woven shirt. For his daytime events, she chose a light blue printed woven that exudes a fresh and cool appeal.

“I let my wife choose my outfits sometimes, and I love the outfits she picks, especially this one because she knows what looks good on me. And blue is my favorite color, which makes this perfect! I trust her taste when it comes to fashion, and I’m glad I have her to help me out,” he shared with a smile.

David Guison and Vina Guerrero (inset)

David Guison and Vina Guerrero (inset)

Vina Guerrero for David Guison: Styling the adventurous
David Guison, the creative eye behind top menswear blog DG Mamila, is unsurprisingly not afraid when it comes to his fashion choices. He knows what he likes and knows what looks good on him. However, he doesn’t limit himself to what’s been tried and tested. A true fashion-forward individual, he freely explores his ever-evolving style.

“What I love about this collection is that all the materials they use are travel-friendly [wrinkle free], and so become the perfect choices when criss-crossing the globe,” Guerrero said.

“David is a fan of mixing formal wear with street style, and this has the right mix of both styles, so it wasn’t hard at all to style these looks for him,” she added.

There are pieces that definitely add character and variety to the wardrobe – whether one is fashionable or just regular Joe.

Mark Agas and Kara Gozali (inset)

Mark Agas and Kara Gozali (inset)

Kara Gozali for Mark Agas: Versatile styles for different lifestyles
Mark Agas would rather spend his time thinking of how to better serve his patients at St. Luke’s Medical Center than think of what to wear for the day. When it comes to his personal style, he likes to keep it low-key while still looking presentable.

His special lady, Kara Gozali, puts together a sleek business casual look, veering away from the serious, work uniform-feel of restrictive suits.

“Comfort, convenience, and versatility are important factors when it comes to his style as he needs outfits that will effortlessly transition from the hospital to social events right after,” Gozali noted.

An aubergine jacket layered on top of a salmon-colored woven and paired with slim-fit trousers in a dark palette suits the doctor.

“You can’t categorize his style into a certain kind, because he likes to switch it up depending on his mood. Throwing on a jacket helps to immediately change the look and feel of an outfit, from casual to dressy. Looking dapper is easy as one, two, three,” she shared.


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