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    and for Marian and I, it’s our way to unwind na rin after work.”
    The doting parents, however, set rules for their daughter.
    “By 8 pm, it’s lights out at home. Dapat talaga may disiplina sa panunuod,” Dingdong stated.
    With the topic still about their set up at home, the couple was very open in answering a variety of questions, which included money matters.
    Asked how they handle their finances since they both earn top salaries in showbiz, Dong was quick to answer that his wife holds the purse strings.
    “Of course it’s Yan; siya bahala sa mga sa budgets and gastos. What’s mine is hers.”
    “But what’s mine is mine!” Marian quipped.

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    PLUS: Money talk with Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes

    Yes, you read that right. Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore is coming to Manila this month to promote the second season of her successful Netflix series, “Santa Clarita Diet.”

    The last time she was in town was in 2016 for a surprise visit-cum-branding trip for her beauty and cosmetics company Flower Beauty. She was spotted checking out makeup lines available in the country at SM Store Makati, which quickly went viral online.

    All is well on the homefront with happy couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes

    This time, her visit is well planned and will take place on March 12 together with her Santa Clarita co-star Timothy Olyphant at SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Besides having a meet and greet with fans, Drew will lead the Asian premiere of the series at a special screening.

    According to Netflix, they chose Manila for the regional premiere as a way of thanking the market for their overwhelming patronage.

    Debuting on the on-demand streaming site on March 23, Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 will find Shiela and Joel Hammond (Drew and Timothy’s characters in the show) trying to adapt to their daughter’s “advanced undead state.” At the same time, Sheila desperately tries to hold on to her suburban lifestyle to avoid being caught as as just another monster.

    Unfortunately — while the family has become markedly better at murder — the number of missing people in Santa Clarita starts to pile up and the situation starts to attract attention.

    Now In The Know is counting the days until this lovely lady’s visit with a scheduled one-on-one interview!

    Fans of husband and wife Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera were thrilled last week when they appeared in an adorable


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