Drill ‘kills’ 5 local terrorists


ABUCAY, Bataan: Five local terrorists died as they tried to attack the police station here.

On board a car, the armed men, one in police uniform, approached the closed front gate of the police station and told police officers they were there for inspection.

Police officers on duty asked for a “password” but instead the armed men opened fire. Two police officers stood their ground and fired back, hitting one of the terrorists. By this time, the deputy police chief had already called for reinforcement.

Another terrorist attempted to throw a hand grenade but was also shot dead. The three remaining armed men then escaped on board a car but were flagged down at a checkpoint put up by responding government troops a few meters from the Roman Superhighway.

The armed men engaged the pursuing operatives and were slain by superior lawmen.

However, these were only a simulation exercises participated in by members of the Police Public Safety Company, Special Weapon and Tactics Bomb Squad and the Abucay police.

“This is an exercise in preparedness of the police against the attack of any criminal group,” Insp. Eric Manuel, Abucay deputy police chief explained.

He said the exercise was regularly done in all police stations in the province based on the directive of provincial director, Senior Supt. Benjamin Silo Jr.


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