Drilon admits knowing Napoles “socially”


SENATE President Franklin Drilon on Tuesday admitted knowing Janet Lim Napoles, the businesswoman in the center of the pork barrel controversy, “socially” but maintained that he never dealt with her or any of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) linked to her.

Drilon, made the admission after a television network on Monday showed several photos of the Senate president and his wife Mila with the Napoles couple at a party in Heritage Park in Taguig.

“I met her socially, but I don’t anything about her business,” Drilon told reporters during a press conference.

The Senate president said that the pictures were taken during a dinner organized by the church where he and his wife were invited.

“Mrs. Drilon, being an active church worker was invited because the guests were seminarians from china who were here on a study tour,” he added.

Drilon likewise said that he expects more pictures to come out showing him and Napoles together because he had seen Napoles in other gatherings, but what Is important is that he never had dealings with her particularly concerning the pork barrel fund allocation.

According to him there is a clear effort to implicate him and make it appear guilty by association and he rejects such implication.

“You can go through the DBM and COA website and you will not see a single peso of my PDAF being assigned to any of Napoles NGOs,” Drilon assured.

The Senate chief however admitted having shortcomings in revealing that he knew Napoles, but that is because he has nothing to do with her or one of her NGOs that allegedly misused the PDAF.

Several members of the senate have been accused of channeling millions of their PDAF allocation to questionable or bogus NGOs linked to Napoles. Jefferson Antiporda


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