Drilon aide appalled by, disputes, Tiglao AMLC column


    WE are appalled by the serious allegation against Senate President Franklin M. Drilon raised by Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao in his May 15, 2015 column published in your paper titled, “Aquino’s vilest political weapon: AMLC.”  In particular, we take strong exception to the following claim:

    “Tetangco should disclose who recommended as AMLC executive director in late 2013 Julia Bacay-Abad, who replaced Vicente Aquino. I was told it was Liberal Party president and Senator Franklin Drilon.”

    We wish to inform Mr. Tiglao that his purported “source” has misled him, since it is nothing but a malicious fabrication devoid of any truth.

    We emphasize that the Senate President has had no role in the appointment of
    Anti-Money Laundering Council Executive Director Julia Bacay-Abad. In fact, the Senate President does not even know Mrs. Abad.

    It also perplexes us as to how Tiglao, who is an old acquaintance of the Liberal Party (LP), could have erred in his identification of LP leaders.

    We note for the record that Drilon is not the “LP’s President”, as Tiglao states –he is instead one of the party’s two Vice Chairpersons; it is President Benigno Aquino III who leads the LP as its Chairman.

    While we stress our respect for Tiglao’s freedom to express his political leanings, we did not expect his article to include such baseless concoctions and erroneous reportage.
    It is then our wish that as a seasoned academician, journalist and public official, Tiglao will uphold the highest standards of journalism – one defined by sticking to the truth and exhaustive research.

    Atty. Renato N. Bantug Jr.
    Chief of Staff
    Office of Senate President
    Franklin M. Drilon
    Senate of the Philippines


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