Drilon is right: What he and pals did to Corona was wrong


AS a thousand rumors flew and bounced back about his and other PNoy allies’ being named as Janet Napoles’ “mentors” in her new affidavit about the P10-billion PDAF scam, Senate President Franklin Drilon on Thursday organized a televised media briefing.  What comment-makers in Facebook, Twitter and the other social media—not to mention some of the mainstream media­—said about him being on Napoles’ list and the curses hurled against him must have stung so hard that he had to jump up.

The noblest essence of what he said to the TV audiences and reporters on Thursday is that everyone should be fair and just.

No one should indulge in black propaganda.  The list of senators and congressmen named in Napoles’ affidavit should not be made public—unless there is “compelling documentary evidence” because that is moral and legal thing to do.

The release of the names of senators implicated by Napoles would only serve to damage the image and prestige of the Senate as an institution, he warned.

But “if the listahan is supported and substantiated by credible documentary evidence, please go ahead. Pero kung listahan lang naman, eh siguro pag-ingatan naman natin ang institusyon ng Senado. [But if the list is supported and substantiated by credible documentary evidence, please go ahead. But if it just a mere list, eh, perhaps we should take care [that we don’t destroy]the Senate as an institution.],” the Senate President said.

He added, “Under the rules of court and under our rules of evidence, where the subject of the inquiry is the content of the document, the best evidence is the document. No other evidence is better than the document because documents do not lie.”

“The imputation must be supported by substantial, substantive documentary evidence.”

Whenever he talks about these things he cites his being a former secretary of justice, to raise his credibility and knowledge of the law.

Elementary sense of justice

What he has in effect been saying about the Napoles/PDAF affair is that the elementary sense of justice must reign. That is the aim of the strict application of the rules of evidence. That is why we must comply with the most basic civil requirement of making sure with proofs when assessing accusations.  We must be careful when accusing persons in authority who represent honorable institutions because we must not just act morally toward these persons but also be respectful of the institutions they represent because bringing down these institutions would also shatter the foundations of our Republic.

He seems to have realized that what he did was wrong. What he did together with the other senators, the members of the House who prosecuted former Chief Justice Renato C. Corona in his impeachment trial, the media bowing to the dictates of President Benigno Cojuangco Aquino 3rd was unjust, unfair and less than legal.

They had the flimsiest of evidence or none at all to prove the House of Representatives’ charges against Mr. Corona. In the end the senator-judges found him guilty of failure to declare the correct value of property he and his wife had bought. And for that they voted to oust him.
They dishonored the Supreme Court and the other justices.

Testimonies have now emerged stating that President Aquino had to bribe the senators to find then Chief Justice Corona guilty.

Unfortunately, Senate President Drilon—at that time plain Senator Drilon because it was his political foe, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, who was Senate President—did not seem as concerned as he is now about preserving the image and integrity of the Senate. For he did allow the bribery to happen.

And he did act during the trial and then voted against Chief Justice Corona without proper regard for the rules of evidence that he now invokes.

An old saw Senate President Drilon is fond of repeating is “Politics must not get in the way of finding out the truth.”

He must persuade President Aquino and the other leaders of their political alliance to take that saying to heart.


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  1. Julius Siador on

    Now, it is expected that Drilon will sink faster in the quicksand they have made since the farce Corona trial now that he is brandishing a funny “selective justice” as if he can escape by wiggling vigorously. He got owned by his own trial by publicity, but now it is of double-edged sword because such trial is now anchored in truth and glaring evidences that common people cannot miss to notice. The guilt is written in all their faces and they haven’t noticed it as they broke the mirrors of circumspection through their arrogant stupidity and callousness of the poor people they nonchalantly passed on the side of the road.

  2. HEADLINES: Drilon is right: What he and pals did to Corona was wrong
    Dangling a bribe doesn’t mean the person decided wrongly. It just looks like decisions were arrived at because of the bribe. I think one senator did mention that his decision came about NOT because of the bribe that was offered but because of the evidences presented.
    Drilon says that “The release of the names of senators implicated by Napoles would only serve to damage the image and prestige of the Senate as an institution, he warned.”
    The Senate as an institution stands prestigious only for as long as those that make it up are dignified, honorable and HONEST
    Persons accusing people in authority who represent honorable institutions DO NOT bring down the institutions nor shatter the foundations of our Republic. It is the corrupt people in these institutions: the people who think they can get away with murder; those who think they can help themselves and fill up their pockets and bank accounts from the coffers of our nation that is supposed to go to the Filipino citizenry who bring down the institutions and shatter the foundations of our Republic.
    Nobody but the justices themselves dishonors the Supreme Court. If they had nothing to be questioned about, no ounce of doubt about them or what they do/did, none of these would happen.

  3. Lesson here is very Biblical and very Scientific.
    Bible says: “What you sow, you reap.”
    Isaac Newton says: “For every action, there is an equal opposite reaction.”

  4. Miguel Reyes on

    Evil triumphs because good men do nothing.Now we learn at whatever cost, it is principle must prevail and not our own biases because if we destroy principle it may come to affect us. I am aghast that no public indignation when Mr Aquino et al convicted Mrs Arroyo and CJ Corona.

  5. Now these senators are experiencing what they did to Corona and they know its
    wrong, Because of the law of Karma they are saying that its unfair to convict
    at person by plain and simple publicity. While at the very nature of the
    Pdaf/DAP scam the odor is so rampant that they cannot just deny.

    Where is Cong. Banal and that other Cong. who said a little lady brought
    a bag full of evidence which if you know the law were illegal whether the
    content were facts or not.

    I think mr Sen. Pres, if you may lead your group to resign en-mass like what
    the Prime Minister of south Korea did, though he has no culpability in that
    accident, this will give chance to Senate to get back the peoples trust to
    the institution you should have protected.

  6. DRILON? Ha ha ha ha ha ha…kakatawa sinasabi nitong gunggong na ito ah! DRILON DRILON DRILON? He he he he he – totoo? Totoo sinasabi ni Lolong? Si DRILON? Hi hi hi hi hi hi! Patawa si Baboy!

  7. ci baboy pala talagang magaling cyang sumipsip nagmamalinis pa para ring ci abads mga tuts ni pnoy and cohorts swapang

  8. A South Korean Prime Minister stepped down after finding himself incapable of saving the lives of those drown in SK Ferry filled with high school students. We suhhest that those implicated in the PDAF may gracefully do the same heroic act. Come on, let’s do it fast.

  9. Now Senate President Drilon is talking sense, now that is on the spot or at the receiving end.

    He is not only a brilliant lawyer. He topped the Bar Exam & Secretary of Justice among other things he occupied in the government. Surely he knows the law. Let me “quote”, CFI Judge Puno of Iba, Zambales sometime ago. He said and I quote – The computer can be the best judge to make a very impartial judgement. The only thing that is lacking in the computer is, it does not have a “Heart”.

    One of the Supreme Court Justice in America once said, and I quote: In case of doubt,
    “is better to free the guilty than to convict the innocent”.

    I am not a lawyer. Surely Senate President Drilon know these.

    It is too late Senator Drilon, you convicted an Innocent “Chief Justice”.

  10. When ben hur ley fist spilt the beans on the 3 senators did they have evidence there before naming them. I cant recall, if they did then they should get the same evidence before naming them. Im sure if they are linked there will be as much evidence against all of them.
    Now you also mention corona, well i am one of them who think he is 100% guilty. I know they way they got his dollar bank account details are a little dubious at best & that telle me the need to get rid of this bank secrecy law. But these very same senators voted to keep that law, they said there is already the legal means to aquire that information if they need it, well if there is a bank secrecy law for a dollar account why cant every single bank account be covered by that very same bank secrecy law. What is the difference. Im one for having the inland revenue being notified if an account has over x ammount in it as it may need looking at. But then you need to bigger & better computing system to calculate how many bank account crooks would have & then adding the total ammounts in each account. I hope i explained that right, but that bank secrecy law is there just to defend ill gotten moneies.

  11. If one goes back to history, this could be a sign that Sen. Drilon might abandon P-Noy just like he did during GMA’s time.

    Further, if he is now saying that CJ Corona was charged with the flimsiest and possibly no evidence at all, then they should rectify the issue and declare CJ Corona as innocent of charges.

    There cannot be selective justice, one for congress and senate as an institution and one for Corona.

    If one uses the yardstick by which CJ Corona was charged, then the same yardstick should now be used with the Napoles List.

    There can never be a double standard for Justice.


  12. Armand Samson on

    If someone throws you some false accusations, without documents to back it, can’t you charge them with libel ? So it doesn’t matter if someone’s name is on the list. If it’s there for some malicious intent without documentations, then it’s moot, and you can sue them back for libel. But I don’t think she’ll put someone’s name on the list without proof. Just a thought……

  13. ..this is clear manifestation of self interest…selfishness and greed…there is nothing new under the heat of the sun..let us open “windows’ and ‘doors” to the the public..and make each one(senator) accountable to his actions…the time of change is NOW!

  14. Documents are sometimes fabricated and most Filipinos know it. Ben-hur Luy and Dennis Cunanan both whistle blowers cannot agree one another and are not in the same page when the former said to the latter that he received kickback money. Cunanan persistently and consistently denies he received kickback and why then he appeared before the senate blue-ribbon committee? Mr. Senator Drilon documents sometimes lie.

  15. apolonio reyes on

    Nakinig ako kagabi sa “Teka Muna” ng ABS-CBN at ang guest ay si Atty. Bruce “Lee” Mendoza. Tama ang sinabi nya na hindi si Janet Napoles ang mastermind ng PDAF Scam pgaka’t nuon pumasok sya dito ay meron na din yuon nanay ng PDAF Scam na ang tawag ay ” CWT” Scam. Kundi ako nagkakamali ay binulgar ng Kongresista ng Marikina ( Hindi si Quimpo ng dating Pag-Ibig ) na pinagkikitaan ng mga Tongressmen nuon ang CWT at meron nga mga tinawag nuon na CountryCondo Wide sa Tagaytay at Makati ang mga Tongressmen at yuon iba a Rolex CWT naman. Pinalitan ito ng pangalan PDAF nuon panahon ni President Cory dahil sa malaki itong Scam.. Hindi nga naman si Janet Napoles ang Utak ng PDAP Scam at sya at mga katoto nya nuon na mga Tongressmen ay inimprove lang yuon scam ng CWT. Kaya dapat ipalabas na ni D5 sa lalong madaling panahon yuon lista para di pagdudahan ng mamamayan na kasali din sila Mar at BSAIII na dating mga senadores gaya ng duda kina Secxy aBDA at Alcala, di ba ho?

  16. Drilon knew he and his senate pals were doing CJ Corona a terrible and unprecedented act of injustice that violates the written laws so he justified their unlawful action by calling it sui generis. A class act indeed! Now Drilon is talking about fairness and protecting institutions. What a hypocrite!

  17. armando flores on

    CJ Corona is a victim of injustice committed no less by the president and senators. Fairness demands that CJ Corona must be reinstated. He must be allowed to resume his job as he alone represents independence in the judiciary who refused to be dictated by the aquino-cojuangco in the outcome of the hacienda luisita case. Hindi si Corona nagnakaw ng pera ng bayan. Tama siya dahil ang magnanakaw ay nasa malacanang at nasa congreso. Wala sa judicatura. .

  18. The image and prestige of the Philippine senate is already damaged for many years. What they’re trying to do now is to protect the image of involved senators belonging to the majority.

    • What does Drilon mean when he says that …the image and prestige of the Senate as an institution…is at stake… What image and prestige is there to talk about? If there should be an image to talk about, it a tarnished and blemished one… not a shining and honorable institution that it is supposed to be.