Drink up, avoid heat stroke


Drink water. Avoid tea, coffee, soda and alcohol.

These tips should help people avoid heat stroke, according to Malacañang.

Deputy Spokesperson Abigail Valte said the government, through the Health department, has issued an advisory on its website on how to spend the Holy Week without having to worry about the searing heat that may turn deadly for the unprepared.

“These will be helpful to our countrymen who are going out of town for the weekend. We also recommend reference to the advisory on heat stroke as we all cope with the summer heat,” she added.

Excursionists and vacationers are also told to limit the amount of time they spend outdoors; wear a wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved clothing outdoors; and schedule strenuous activities early in the morning or at the end of the day when the temperature is cooler.

“The risk of heat stroke rises in hot and humid weather coupled with vigorous exercise, dehydration, too much direct exposure to the sun,” the advisory said.

Individuals suffering from heat stroke display the following signs: exhaustion, intense thirst, dehydration, weakness or discomfort, dizziness or fainting, anxiety and headache.

“Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat illness wherein the body overheats and can’t cool down by sweating because of dehydration. A person is suffering from heat stroke if the core body temperature is 40°C or more; skin is hot and dry; rapid heartbeat; convulsion; delirium; and loss of consciousness or coma,” it added.

In case of a heat stroke, those accompanying the victim should move the person to a shady spot or indoors and have him or her lie down with the legs elevated.

“If still conscious, have them sip cool water. Remove clothing, apply cool water to the skin and fan them. Apply ice packs to the armpits, wrists, ankles and groin. Bring to a hospital immediately,” the advisory said.

Meanwhile, Valte said security preparations for the long vacation were set during Monday’s command conference between President Benigno Aquino 3rd and top officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“The President began the week with the PNP Command Conference held in Camp Crame this morning, among others, to ensure that the Holy Week holidays are orderly and peaceful,” she added.

“Apart from the other engagements in the President’s schedule, he will also spend the week monitoring the preparations and actions of concerned government agencies in light of the upcoming holidays,” Valte said.

She added that the official Gazette presents a compilation of emergency hotlines that the public may use in case of emergency, including a Summary of the Rights of Air Passengers for those traveling by airplane.

“We wish our fellow Filipinos a safe and meaningful Holy Week,” Valte said.


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  1. Usually people who live in a tropical country, like Philippines are resistance to HEAT STROKE, but it can happen. It is not only water that is needed but electrolytes, like sodium(salt) and potassium. During football season, the players drink electrolyte drink,like Gatorade and some other drink that has same ingredients. better yet consult your doctor, specially those with preexisting medical condition.